What Are The Upcoming uPVC Window Trends in 2022?

uPvc Windows | Posted on: 14thFeb 2021

uPVC Window

When any type of building is constructed, different parts and materials are used. One such thing is the window and its material, which enhance the look of the building. Therefore, it is very important to select the correct window material for construction.

One trend that will continue its popularity in 2022 is the Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride (uPVC) windows. These uPVC windows offer high functionality, high durability, and require lower maintenance. uPVC has become a superior alternate as a building material in the industry. It is being preferred over other traditional materials such as steel or wood.

Let us find out the upcoming uPVC window trends in 2022:

1. Style & Shape Customization 

The earlier trend was to select a window on the basis of its look or appearance only. But according to the upcoming trend, people are choosing stylish windows with different shape customization options such as in uPVC windows. Good uPVC window manufacturer can provide you with tailor-made uPVC windows according to your requirement, which will perfectly fit, look good, and be stylish.

2. Latest Security Features

The upcoming trend of security in uPVC windows has crossed the expectations of people. There are various safety features that can be equipped in the sturdy & ultra-light uPVC windows such as double or triple glazing glass and various locking systems at different points. It is impossible for an intruder to break in.

3. Fire Retardant Windows

Fire safety has always been one of the main concerns. According to the upcoming trend, people are opting for windows made of uPVC to prevent the spread of fire and help in reducing the intensity.

4. Soundproof Windows

People are looking for windows, which can also block sound i.e., soundproof. The uPVC material is perfect for this requirement as it is capable of reducing the noise by more than 50% when it is compared to other traditional materials.

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5. Weather-Resistant Windows

It’s frustrating for homeowners to keep repairing their windows when they get damaged due to harsh weather conditions. In the upcoming trend, people are looking for windows that are resistant to the weather and have a longer life span like uPVC windows. uPVC windows need low maintenance and can tolerate any type of weather. It has high durability due to no reaction with air or water.

6. Eco-Friendly Windows

These days, homeowners are concerned about their environment and don’t want to buy products that harm the ecosystem. Windows made from uPVC are recyclable. They can be reused to make other items such as plumbing fittings and pipes.

7. Durable Windows

Choosing uPVC windows that will for last many years is another trend. A uPVC window can last from many years. Thus, it is also budget-friendly for people without any recurring cost of installing new windows or high maintenance.

uPVC windows are made with very strong materials that can withstand extreme situations. They are also not affected by corrosion or rot. Further, they also don’t fade from ultraviolet (UV) rays or sun exposure. 

8. Energy Efficient Windows

No longer do people want windows only for the view, look, or ventilation. Of late, they prefer energy-efficient windows like uPVC windows, which can help in reducing heat loss. uPVC is a bad conductor of heat and does not transfer heat from outside to inside or inside to outside. Thereby, the inner temperature is completely unaffected by uPVC windows.

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uPVC windows are highly sought after not only by residential owners but also by commercial builders like hotels, schools, hospitals, malls, and more. 

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