Rules to Find the Best UPVC Windows & Doors

General | Posted on: 1th Jan, 2018

There are many UPVC doors & windows manufacturers and suppliers in India, many of them are trustworthy and popular for their product’s quality, on time delivery and services, but some are unstable and poor.

Similar to other major decisions of your life, it is also important to take some serious consideration and involvement in getting ensured that your UPVC door & window manufacturer and supplier is par with the industry standard because window and door fixing is not a daily task, it requires a substantial amount of money and time. Here are some quick rules to find the best UPVC doors & windows manufacturers and suppliers for your home or office.

1) What you are looking for: First, you should know what type and quality of UPVC  doors & windows you are looking for? This will help you decide how to start your research.

2) Search for top UPVC manufacturers & suppliers that have been in the industry & business for many years: The UPVC companies who are into business for a long period, know very well how to convince and satisfy clients and customers by providing variety of quality UPVC products and on-time services. Their products include a comprehensive warranty that actually survives the test of time. To get better understanding about UPVC manufacturers & suppliers in the market place, you can take the help of Google search engine, online manufacturers & suppliers directories, online reviews, your friends and other references.

3) Check whether the UPVC  product meets your expectations or not: To know whether the UPVC product is as per your expectations or not, check the design, overall price for delivery and installation, features (security, energy efficiency, durability and finishing touch) and benefits included with the UPVC windows & doors.

4) Get to know about the supplier: Before purchasing UPVC doors & windows, you should know whether the supplier is a third party supplier or manufacturer themselves. If manufacturing company is providing direct shipment facility to the customers, you may get trustful UPVC product quality and services with a comprehensive warranty than a third party supplier.

5) Check how the whole installation process will progress: Before installing UPVC doors and windows, a professional UPVC supplier company comes to your home to take measurement of windows and doors, clarify what the installation progression involves, what all materials are required for installation and ensures that the whole installation process will be perfectly clean without any mess.

Casement Window Benefits to Your Home

General | Posted on: 10th Oct, 2017

Windows not only add aesthetic value to interiors and exteriors but also are critical in many other points. They are pivotal in preventing any unauthorized entry, they allow your house to breathe and let natural light pass through.

Kinds of Windows

It is therefore paramount to comprehend the type of window you install in your house. Various types of windows available are – Single-Hung Window, Double Hung Window, Awning Windows, Slider Window and Casement Windows.

The best window option is the uPVC Casement Windows. These windows are hinged windows and can be operated by turning a crank. They can be hinged on either left or right side and they open outward.

Advantages You get with Casement Windows

Following are the benefits of uPVC Casement windows in India

1. Safety: Locking system of Casement Windows is designed in such a way that breaking through them is impossible. Unlike Single or Double Hung windows, the locks are incorporated in the frame making them hard to break.

2. Ventilation: Casement windows allow the breeze to enter the room as they open in acute angles towards the outside. In case any other window type, e.g. Double or Single hung window the air is forced to enter at right angles which is not possible.

Casement windows, therefore, allow complete ventilation.

3. Low Maintenance: The uPVC Casement window in India are easy to clean and are low maintenance in nature. They can be clean with simple cloth.

4. Energy Efficient:  They get completely sealed once closed making them air tight. That also makes them energy efficient as they do not allow warm to get outside and extreme weather conditions to enter inside.

5. Less Muntin:  The dividing strips, usually found in hung windows, are lowest in uPVC Casement windows allow full outside view and add aesthetic value.

6. Customized: They are available in various shapes sizes colours, are light in weight, hence easy install, are trendy, corrosion free, do not swell, and are weather resistant.

With so many beneficial features there are no reasons left for you not to install one. Also keeping in mind that these window types best suit areas which are either populated or are windy, it is advised to install uPVC Casement window in India.

Cost Saving Benefits of UPVC

General | Posted on: 7th Jul, 2017

uPVC is the short form of Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, which is a polymer that has been used in the development of windows and doors since the early 90s. Here are five cost saving benefits of uPVC windows that make them an excellent choice for your residential space –

1. Durability
uPVC is an extremely strong polymer with high tensile strength. Windows made from uPVC will last you at least a few decades as unlike traditional materials like wood or aluminum, uPVC does not rust. uPVC is also immune to termites which make it an excellent choice for outdoors.

2. Energy Efficient 
uPVC is a highly-insulated material that does not allow the transfer of heat very easily. This property allows you to keep your house cool during the summer and warm during the winter at a fraction of a cost. This way, uPVC helps you save a ton of money on your monthly electricity bill.

3. Easy Maintenance 
uPVC doors and windows are very easy to maintain. Unlike traditional materials, uPVC windows do not lose their look or gloss even after heavy duty use. You can simply clean them using detergent and water, and they do not require oiling or cleaning on a monthly basis. The material is also resistant to rust and moisture, unlike wood or metal.

4. Cheap 
uPVC is relatively cheaper when compared to its counterparts like wood or metal. These materials cost at least 20% more than uPVC and require regular maintenance. On the other hand, uPVC is dirt cheap and does not require regular maintenance.

5. Secure and Safe 
uPVC windows are as safe as your traditional windows, if not more. Most uPVC windows come with steel core construction which helps reinforce the structure. Combined with a sturdy lock, uPVC windows will be able to keep even the most determined of intruders at bay, all the while saving you tons of money.
uPVC is an excellent construction material that has many cost saving benefits. The points stated above will help you make an educated comparison between traditional windows and uPVC windows. And if you have made the decision, there are many uPVC windows companies in India that can help you choose the right one for your home/office/building.

uPVC Windows and Environment

General | Posted on: 9th Sep, 2016

Koemmerling uPVC windows and doors are suitable for any type of weather and every terrain and they are a great space-saver. But apart from their many amazing qualities, one thing that stands out about uPVC windows and doors is that they are environment friendly. For several years now, all Koemmerling window and door profiles bear the patent “Greenline” Trademark wherein all the profiles are free from heavy metal/lead and only produced by using Calcium-zinc stabliser. Calcium-zinc is a new type of stabiliser that makes uPVC profiles even more resistant to the most aggressive weather conditions.

While many may go for the conventional windows and doors, an environment-conscious person would go for the environment friendly/ eco-friendly/ green windows. It does its part in saving as many trees as it can. The other reason uPVC windows and doors are called environment friendly/ eco-friendly/ green windows  is the fact that they are actually energy efficient. It save electricity consumption due to its efficient thermal insulation feature. The technology behind this energy efficiency is that uPVC windows and doors are double glazed and thereforeare better insulated. By properly insulating your house you are making sure that your already heated or cool house remains in that state for a longer time period by trapping the appropriate heat and preventing it from escaping or entering the house. By using uPVC doors and windows doors you are reducing your resource consumption and thus helping in overall benefit of the environment.

Hopefully this information will make you aware of the advanatage of having environment friendly uPVC windows and doors and motivate you to choose from a wide range of Koemmerling uPVC windows and doors and do your part in helping the environment.

How Koemmerling uPVC windows cut down power bills

General | Posted on: 6th Jun, 2016

Energy efficient doors and windows may sound new to you but it is a fact that the older a building’s doors and windows get, the less energy efficient they are. Now you might wonder, how can doors and windows be energy efficient? Well, according to studies all houses/offices lose or gain their heat (energy) via their windows which also leads to higher energy (electricity) bills. But there is a way you can save yourself that pain, which is changing your traditional doors and windows to uPVC frames and glazed glasses. This way not only can you cut down on the cooling or heating cost but also the workplace wouldn’t look so old and dingy as before. You can first decide what kind of framing goes in your office. You can make the workplace look fancy and colourful with variety of colour options. There is one brand Koemmerling that meets all of the above requirements. So go ahead and renovate your office or pitch this idea to your boss, maybe?