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Tips To Select uPVC Windows Manufactured In Srinagar

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 3th Mar, 2020

Indoors need sunshine and fresh air. That’s why house walls have windows. However, these windows have become all the more functional with time. The latest windows, with different frame materials, not only let the natural light and air in but also perform functions like noise attenuation, insulation, ensure safety, etc.

Not only has the functional aspect changed but also the window material. These days the content of the window includes Aluminium, wood, steel, vinyl, unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) and more. Among all others, the uPVC windows are gaining popularity because they offer more than aesthetics.

What is uPVC?

uPVC is a form of plastic, which is also known as rigid PVC because it is hard and not flexible. It is a perfect material for pipework and window frames.

Advantages of uPVC:

Durable: uPVC is a hard material and can cope with extreme elements. The article does not corrode or fade quickly and thus, is perfect for windows. Moreover, the material is fire, pollution, and seawater-resistant.

Good insulator: uPVC is an excellent insulator and hence, uPVC windows prevent the heat from entering during summers and cold from entering in winters.

Affordable and Eco-friendly: uPVC windows are much cheaper than other windows. Moreover, they can be recycled or used again to help you reduce your carbon footprints.

Safety: uPVC windows have a multi-locking system to provide high-level security to homes, as well as commercial establishments.

Since windows have a significant impact on the way a house feels, you must choose the right windows for your home, which not just fill the space of your walls but also ensure durability, safety, and quality and, of course, suit your pocket. Here are the different aspects you should look before choosing uPVC windows manufactured in Srinagar:

Look for quality: It is essential to look for suitable suppliers, who guarantee quality material, as uPVC windows manufacturers in Hyderabad do.

Strength: The strength of the uPVC window is determined by a “multi-chambered uPVC profile,” which is reinforced with galvanized steel. The best uPVC windows manufacturers in Hyderabad maintain a standard width profile that varies between 2.3mm and 3mm and the thickness between 1mm and 3mm.

Guarantee: A presumed uPVC window supplier will give a base guarantee of ten years for the uPVC profile and a year guarantee for the equipment.

Colour, style, and design: Choose the window color, which complements your interior design and gives an appealing look to your home. Apart from color, style and design play an essential role in making the home look beautiful.

Sound resistance: For durable sound protection, you must choose a double or triple coated uPVC window.

Security: An excellent uPVC window should join the quality equipment, alongside a covered bolting framework. Type 304 evaluation treated steel, an alloy, used for making the window material won’t get rusted easily. Introduce a single point lock or a multi-point lock to the window as per the security necessities of the home. Consider a double-coated covered glass window to ensure proper security.
Best price: The price of uPVC windows depends on the design, features, and functions. A right uPVC window is that it offers maximum features at minimum cost.

6 Common Myths About uPvc Windows

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 2th Feb, 2020

uPVC windows are rapidly increasing in demand due to their sleek, lightweight and versatile design that can complement any traditional or contemporary home. However, many people do not consider uPVC windows for their homes because they have heard many misconceptions or myths about the installation and usage of uPVC profiles.

Since we are highly aware of the benefits of this material for any building or renovation project, we are going to debunk some common misconceptions about uPVC windows.

After reading these misconceptions about uPVC, you will know that these myths are not at all true and one must invest in this excellent material. Without further ado, let us dive into the common myths about uPVC windows.

Myth #1: uPVC windows are of plastic

Many homeowners think that these windows are made from plastic and not strong enough. But the truth is that “U” in uPVC stands for “unplasticized.” The primary chemical found in uPVC windows is salt, NOT any cheap plastic. So, there is no need to worry about these windows containing any plastic element.

Myth #2: uPVC windows are prone to cracking and warping in the sun, especially during summers

Since many homeowners believe that uPVC window doors are made from plastic, they think they are prone to cracking and warping in summer months. Usually, plastic tends to expand on hot sunny days. But when we talk about uPVC windows, they are all-weather windows and can withstand any harsh climatic conditions.   These double glazed windows are created using galvanized iron. So, they would not expand even in the hottest summer months. These windows and doors can retain their shape and size, no matter what are the weather conditions outside.

Myth #3: uPVC windows are bad for the environment

Since uPVC windows contain no plastic, these are not at all harmful to the environment. Instead, it is an eco-friendly material with fantastic insulation properties, resulting in reduced energy bills. Moreover, these windows can easily be recycled after use, leaving no impact on the environment.

Myth #4: uPVC double glazed windows may get condensation

Well, this is not entirely false. For, in winter months, windows are likely to get condensation regardless of the frame and type of material. But in the case of the double glazed uPVC window, there is a trickle vent to let out a small amount of air. It helps in reducing condensation up to zero levels.

The tighter a house is sealed, the more are chances of condensation. But you need not worry about it. You can easily prevent it by opening windows time-to-time or using a dehumidifier. However, uPVC double glazed windows are already integrated with ventilation features to let air flow through for preventing condensation.

Myth #5: uPVC windows are expensive

It is also a big misconception. But the truth is that uPVC windows are quite affordable compared to conventional window frame materials. It is reasonably priced compared to aluminum and timber and falls within the budget of many renovators or homeowners.

Myth #6: Secondary glazing is a better alternative to double glazing

Some homeowners consider secondary glazing to avoid replacement of the entire window frame. Secondary glazing usually means installing any supplementary glazing pane on an existing single glazed window. While secondary glazing may help with insulation, it is prone to noise and condensation. Moreover, it is not as energy-efficient as uPVC windows.

Secondary glazing even needs more maintenance from time to time. However, uPVC windows are low maintenance and also two times energy-efficient compared to secondary glazing.
After separating facts from misconceptions, you get a clear picture and know why uPVC windows are so popular among many homeowners. Would you invest in uPVC windows after knowing the truth or still stick to the misconceptions? Do share your views with us.

Secure your Home with uPVC Doors and Windows Worktops

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 8th Aug, 2019

uPVC doors have a clear advantage over other doors when it comes to providing ample security for a household. Doors and windows made of uPVC would make your home a safer place for your loved ones.

The doors and windows serve as the main entry points into a home. As such, it is imperative to design them in a way that they offer maximum security. It is also important that the material chosen to make these doors and windows is extremely robust and secure. uPVC is one such material that can make your windows and casement doors in India, more secure. Here are some of the security benefits you can enjoy with uPVC doors and windows.

Durable and long-lasting

Durable and long-lasting doors and windows are often the most secure ones. uPVC windows and doors are highly durable and long-lasting. uPVC is short form for un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride, which is an industrial polymer commonly used in the construction industry. As such, it is made to require minimal maintenance.

In Delhi, uPVC doors are preferred as they are weatherproof and can withstand harsh weather elements. They are not affected by the UV rays of the sun as well and thus, do not fade with time. These doors and windows also stand the test of time against the wind, rain, dust, etc. When compared to wood that gets damaged by rain, humidity and termites, uPVC can easily resist these elements. Unlike aluminium frames which tend to degrade over time, uPVC door and window frames are corrosion resistant.

Enhanced Security Features

uPVC windows and casement doors are also very secure when it comes to the type of glass they are fitted with. The special glass fitted in between these frames is burglar-proof and impact resistant to a great extent. uPVC door and window frames make use of two different types of security glasses based on client requirements. While one of them is glazed, laminated and impact-resistant glass, the other one is a high-grade tempered glass.

The heat tempering process makes high grade tempered glass a lot stronger than normal annealed glass. Heat tempered glass will also break into several tiny pieces when shattered, thus not causing any injury to anyone inside the house. Added to this is the PVB interlayer, which plays the role of a shock absorption layer and helps to keep the glass on the windows and uPVC doors from breaking on sudden impacts.

Locking Mechanism

uPVC casement doors and windows also come with several enhanced locking mechanisms, which makes it hard to break into homes. uPVC windows and doors usually come with several high-security locks, which are fitted onto the steel frame of the doors and windows itself. This makes these doors and windows airtight with double glazed glass offering noise reduction and thermal insulation features. An additional security feature is the addition of galvanized steel reinforcements to make the doors and windows highly secure and impenetrable. If the need arises, homeowners can opt for the multi or single point locking system, which allows them to enjoy an even higher level of security and privacy.

Difference Between The Casement Window And Double Hung Windows

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 4th Apr, 2019

Both casement and double hung windows are perfect for windows replacement. However, both have their own set of advantages. Understanding the differences between the two will help you make your decision simpler.

Looking forward to buying a replacement window for your office or home? There are different types and styles of replacement windows in the market that make the choice difficult. In this post, we will tell you certain differences between the uPVC casement windows and uPVC double-hung windows to help you make a wise decision.

Casement windows vs. Double hung windows

As per the uPVC windows manufacturers, it is easy to open double-hung windows as their spring-loaded balance system aids in lifting the whole window. This window also has an operable lower and upper sash. Moreover, cleaning both upper and lower sashes is super easy and effortless in case of the double hung windows.

On the other hand, the casement windows come with a fold-down handle that is easy to handle but not as easy as the double hung window. For opening a casement window, you have to open the lever lock first and further rotate the handle. However, it is also easy to clean the casement windows, as they open at a 90-degree angle.

When comparing these different window styles, one thing to note is that the double-hung windows feature screens on the outer side of the window, whereas the casement windows have screens on the inside. However, casement window screens can be bought in the same colour as of your interior to match it with the inner area of your house.

Both upper and lower sashes of double-hung windows are designed for perfectly fitting into the window frame. This further limits the air infiltration. When combined with multiple bulb seals, it makes your double-hung windows highly energy efficient. On the other hand, the casement windows come with a tighter seal for locking as compared to the double-hung window. This means there is no track for casement windows for sliding. The tighter seal does make it energy efficient but not to the level of the double-hung windows.

Depending on the aforementioned points you can easily find out which window style is perfect for your home. Nonetheless, the pricing of both these window styles depends on the quality, material and installation.

Why uPVC Windows Are Preferred Over Other Materials?

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 11th Nov, 2018

uPVC windows and doors are today popular around the world because of their multiple benefits, which other windows may not provide. What many people do not know is that uPVC or unPlasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride is a more chemically resistant form of PVC. The main difference between the two is that plasticizers are added for manufacturing PVC, which accords it is flexibility. The non-addition of plasticizers gives uPVC its sturdiness making them an ideal choice for window frame, along with the malleability to be molded to different architectural styles.

Here, we are discussing the various benefits of using uPVC windows for your home.

  • uPVC is a strong material on which harsh climates have no effect. In a country like India, known for its harsh summers in the north, south and west, and torrential rains in the east and south, the material is a must-have. It will not absorb moisture which leads to warping and rotting. Neither will the bright sun affect the polish or finish of the material. It will not lose its shape for several years, and thus save you costs on repairs.
  • The doors and windows offer better insulation than any other material. If we were to take the example of wood, it does not offer thermal insulation – air will seep in and out from the crevices. Built with the precision, uPVC solutions, provide a close fit, which means air movement is restricted. Your room interiors will remain warm or cool, as required, which further means pressure on your air conditioning appliance is lessened. It leads to a lowering of the electricity bill and longer life for the AC unit.
  • The amount of time spent on maintaining uPVC is much less when compared to traditional timber and wood. According to experts, all you need to do is wipe it down with a cloth or use a handheld vacuum. In case of a tough stain, mild detergent with a wet cloth is sufficient. And as mentioned above, there is no need to reach out to maintenance specialists every few years to repolish the frames. You may be required to oil the locking systems from time to time to keep them functioning smoothly.
  • uPVC is more cost-effective than other materials available in the market. The choices are many, and depending on your budget you can choose the size, design and finish. If we look at wood again, the cost of acquiring high-quality timber windows and doors can make many people compromise.
    But, there is no such expectation from uPVC, and it can fit all budgets and requirements.

The new age material comes with many benefits for both homeowners and interior designers. If you are planning to renovate your home or are shifting to a new one, look up this option which offers you easy maintenance and a sturdy look for a long time. One point you should always remember, reach out to a reliable and trusted uPVC windows suppliers to ensure you are getting the best quality for your money.

Top 5 Benefits of Getting UPVC Windows for Your Home

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 10nd Oct, 2018

uPVC windows are bestsellers as many homeowners prefer them over traditional wood. In this blog, we are sharing some of the top benefits you can avail by having uPVC windows in your house.

Consumers of today are offered with choices. They are dazzled by the number of choices they have with regards to options for doors and windows. One of the best-selling options today is the uPVC windows which come with many benefits. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should be exploring the different varieties offered by uPVC windows manufacturers.

  1. It offers the best in class insulation: Of all the window types available in the market, the uPVC windows offer the best in class insulation. As a customer, you can opt for double or triple glazed windows to enhance the insulation properties. When the windows are being installed, sealants like silicone gel are used to make sure the room is well insulated – this results in the room remaining warm in winters and cool in summers.
  2. These windows are very cost efficient. Highly efficient insulation means your energy bills are significantly reduced. As mentioned above, uPVC casement windows in India are designed to insulate rooms. Thus the windows are more energy as well as cost-efficient as dependency on air conditioners, and room heaters are reduced.
  3. These are very secure. Not only they are equipped with advanced locking mechanisms of the uPVC windows ensures they provide your home or office with the highest level of security. They can be installed in residential (plot) houses, apartments and offices.
  4. It offers a great deal of noise insulation. Noise pollution, especially in cities and towns situated on highways is a big problem. With uPVC windows, you can keep the annoying sounds out and allow your room to be calm and peaceful.
  5. These windows are also quite easy to maintain and clean. The windows are resistant to the harshness of dust and pollution. This protects your health, as dust and pollution inside the house are greatly reduced. Additionally, to clean them – all you need to do is wipe with a soft cloth.

Another thing to remember, the windows are available in different colours, allowing you to get a decor that pleases your eye. Get in touch with a uPVC windows dealer now to get windows that will greatly improve the quality of life within the four walls of your room and home.

Different Windows Have Different Uses

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 8th Aug, 2018

Nowadays, the architectural fashion says that people fancy big clear wall-sized windows that give them a pure view of the world outside. However, if that is not your liking, there are a wide range of windows that make up the construction of your home. Windows enable normal light to surge your rooms in the day time and let in air to keep it fresh. Your windows additionally help characterize the style of your home whether it is conventional or modern. You can modify almost any window style to suit your changing tastes and needs. Here are different kinds of windows amongst which you can select your favourite one. Take a look!
Casement Windows
These are hinged windows that operate by movement of a crank in an operating mechanism. They can be hinged on the left or the right to open outward or inward . These are the most commonly used windows in the Indian homes.
Picture Window
As the name suggests, this is a large stationary window that lets in the maximum amount of light and views of the outdoors. If you are blessed with a house or office with picturesque view, you can go for these full-frame windows that will not only add style but also be therapeutic for your mind and mood.
Slider Windows
These UPVC sliding windows are set on a panel that enables them to slide along a track horizontally. Number of windows may vary depending upon the requirement and size of the window. And we can also keep one window fix and other slide. Sliding windows in India are not new, they have been extensively used in high-rise apartments during upgrading for balconies.
Stationary Windows
Although, a window is meant to be opened, there is a kind of window that does not open at all, such windows are called the stationary windows. Just because they are permanently fixed like a see-through space, they can be customised to any shape and size.
Bay-Bow Windows
These kind of windows intend to increase the space of your room. These windows typically bulge-out the space and thus the area appears to look bigger and broader. This kind of window is ideal for small spaces.

Proof that uPVC is and will Continue to be a Market Leader

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 7th Jul, 2018

Doors and windows play an irreplaceable role of enhancing the beauty of your premises. But with a pool of alternates, how do you know which alternate will give your home the ideal look? uPVC is one of the most common and modern materials or doors and windows. It has innumerable benefits which explain its popularity. The windows and doors are long lasting, strong, aesthetically appealing, and energy efficient. When you consider the value of uPVC doors and windows, you have no choice other than to get in touch with the best uPVC window manufacturers in Bangalore.

Good manufacturers have an excellent reputation and they are not afraid of providing portfolios of their products. They work with reliable uPVC window suppliers who deliver the products to the customers in the best shape. The companies do not shy away from providing excellent after sales services to their customers. For you to be satisfied, choose the most competent uPVC manufacturer.

It is in the best interest for you to know the material window. Prior knowledge will help you select the right window for your premises. The uPVC material is resistant to rot, shrinking, wrecking, and fading. You can therefore use the material anywhere without worry of losing its aesthetic value even after a decade. Professional uPVC manufacturers in Bangalore inspect uPVC windows and doors for value, appeal, functionality and durability before the products leave the manufacturers premises.

Inescapable Value of Testing

uPVC windows and doors glass has to be of a specific thickness for maximum functionality. Thick glass prevents the flow of cold or hot air in or from the premises. Remember, uPVC windows are efficient noise elimination additions in a home. So, uPVC window and door manufacturers ensure that the window limits the noise entering your premises.

Dedication to Innovation

Today, uPVC is one of the best materials to use for doors and windows for any construction project. Its efficiency does not eliminate the need for innovation to improve it. Proficient manufacturers invest in experts and continuous innovations. On-going research combined with the use of latest technology leads to production of high quality uPVC doors and windows. Today, experts in uPVC manufacturing rely on intelligent chamber systems, new-style materials and computer-optimised designs to ensure the products meet and exceed the needs of the customers. The doors and windows produced exceed today’s architectural needs because they meet tomorrow’s lifestyle needs.

If you want modern day uPVC doors and windows that are sound resistance, water resistance, termite free, energy efficient, eco-friendly, dust resistance, thermal insulation, and wind resistant, contact a reliable uPVC window suppliers or manufacturers.

Modernize your Home with Koemmerling uPVC Windows

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 5rd May, 2018

Modernization – this is your active answer to the normal path of life: a change in living conditions, new ideas or normal wear and tear. You want to combat increasing energy prices and utilize the outstanding development in the building industry to maintain the value of your property. Basically, you would like to modernize your home to meet the latest standards and ensure its future value.

First and foremost you should consider fitting new windows. They make up one-third of a house facade. They also maintain pleasant inside temperature of your home, be it summer or winter. Modernization provides the opportunity to achieve a better quality of life and enjoy it to the fullest. This is a helpful guide for effective modernization.

Better Quality of Life

Koemmerling uPVC windows ensure essentials of human life, one should have in this modern world like pleasant indoor temperatures, peace and quiet, safety and security.

Find the expensive weak spots in your home.

Windows have the weak spots of the house from where outside air is more likely to enter and inside air is more likely to exit.

At least this is the case with old windows. This is why uPVC windows play a decisive role in the energy-efficient renovation by which a house can attain efficient thermal insulation and maintain comfortable atmosphere inside. A fact which most people are unaware of.

It is therefore important to carefully plan renovation with uPVC windows to achieve the best results.

Koemmerling – a revolution in window Technology

Window technology has taken a giant step forward in the last 20 years in respect of security, functionality and especially highly efficient thermal and sound insulation. Koemmerling is one such brand that has established its quality and efficiency in window technology worldwide. Koemmerling has been providing its window systems in all parts of the word since 1967 and earned a huge amount of trust. It has own unique formula of uPVC which is 100% lead-free and makes windows sustainable thus keep the environment healthy and green.

Koemmerling offers following range of systems:-

  • Casement windows and doors ( inward/ outward open)
  • Tilt and Turn window
  • Sliding windows and doors
  • Lift and Slide doors
  • Folding doors
  • Tilt & Slide doors
  • All systems are insect screen compatible
  • Also available in woodgrain finishes

Home Decor – Sliding Upvc Windows And Doors For Home Improvement

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 3th Mar, 2018

The invention of PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride in the 19th century introduced dramatic changes in the face of manufacturing and construction industry. Today, an ‘unplasticised’ form of PVC, also known as uPVC, is used to build high-quality, durable doors and windows that offer a tough competition to traditional materials like wood and aluminium.

UPVC is a German invention from the 1960s, which assures sturdy and superior quality. The aesthetic qualities of uPVC windows surpass that of wood. For instance, the wood effect for uPVC windows make it indistinguishable from real timber, so you benefit from having a rustic look with a resistive material.

There are many options to choose from when considering uPVC windows and doors for home improvement. Of these fabulous options, the most popular and greatly effective are the uPVC sliding windows and doors that come in various styles, materials, finishing and colour options. Let’s see what benefits uPVC sliding doors and windows bring that others do not possess.

Saves space

One of the primary reasons to install uPVC sliding windows and doors at your dwelling is to reduce the clutter. Even if your living quarters is spacious, there’s no reason you cannot have more, right? Sliding doors just ‘slide’ horizontally leaving you with plenty of room to apply your creativity and decorate better.

Installable in multiple areas

You can easily install uPVC sliding windows and doors in any given area of your sweet home – bathroom, balcony, study room/home office, bedroom, etc. These windows last for decades and does not require painting or heavy cleaning. These are also efficient in cutting down external noise and insulate a room from outside allergens, dust, pollution, etc.

Offers great view

If you live in a neighbourhood with a beautiful view then sliding or sliding & tilt windows are just the right thing to keep maintaining the great visual aspects of the surroundings while soaking up on sunlight and allowing ventilation inside your home.

There’s a reason why uPVC sliding windows in India are so popular and with the trustworthy German technology brought by Koemmerling you need not look elsewhere.