Easy and Important Tips to Consider before Installing a Sliding Door

sliding doors | Posted on: 18thMay 2021

Sliding doors have become trendy and popular among homeowners due to their aesthetic designs and practicality. Due to the lack of traditional hinges that often take extra space, sliding doors are ideal for limited home or office spaces. The sliding doors also boast glass from top to bottom, allowing homeowners to bring in more natural light while enjoying outside views.

If the sliding uPVC windows and doors are placed in the right areas, these can enhance the elegance and functionality of the given space with their subtle yet practical layout.

Are you considering sliding doors for your home? Learn about different things – from the cost of installation to maintenance – associated with sliding doors.

Sliding Door

Here are Tips to Consider Before Installing a Sliding Door

Cost of Sliding Glass Door Installation

The sliding door cost often depends on the material, location, size of the glass, labour and finish quality. Generally, the average cost of installing a sliding door is somewhere between $2000 and $2500.

However, some professionals may offer you reasonable rates for installing sliding glass doors in your home.

Installation Process of Sliding Glass Door

Here’s what to expect when you hire professionals for installing your sliding glass door:

  • First, an expert will come to your house for assessing the space, discussing the budget and taking measurements where you want to install a sliding door.
  • In the next 24 hours, you will be provided with a free quote for installing a sliding door.
  • After approving the quote, the professionals will schedule a time and day to visit again and complete the installation project.
  • At the time of installation, experts will position the doors accurately to ensure that they perfectly fit in the given space.
  • After the installation of the sliding glass door, experts ensure to clean the area and even provide you with certain maintenance tips to take care of your new sliding uPVC doors.

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Where to Install Sliding Doors?

The sliding doors are great for your kitchen, bedroom and living room to add a fresh feel to your interior. You can even get them installed in your bathroom with a translucent glass panel to ensure privacy.

The sliding uPVC doors can even be installed outdoors on patios, gardens or terraces. But don’t put them in the facade or other visible areas to ensure the security of your home.

What Types of Sliding Doors are available in the Market?

The most common type of sliding doors available is with curtain rods, as they don’t take too much wall space. These are just made of two glass layers and often open by overlapping on one other. This door style is good for patios, garden areas and cooking spaces.

Wall sliding doors are often fixed in the pockets of a wall. These are great for places with no wall space. These are also best for wardrobes, as the door often disappears into the given wall on opening the wardrobe.

Hanging sliding doors are usually fixed on the rail over the door. These doors often slide over the wall and are easy to install when you have free wall space, which is equivalent to the width of the door.

How to Take Care of Sliding Doors?

Maintaining sliding doors is quite easy. All you need to do is keep the frame of these doors free from dirt and dust to ensure the mechanism works properly. Also, do regular vacuuming and wipe off the hardware and frame of the door. You must also lubricate the sliding and locking mechanism of the door twice a year.

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The sliding doors are ideal for giving a fresh feel to your modern home while enjoying clear outside views. However, you need to hire a professional door installation team to offer you both aesthetic value and structural integrity while installing a sliding glass door into your home.

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