Everything you Need to Know about Sliding Doors

sliding doors | Posted on: 14thApr 2021

Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors add great charm and functionality to any space. These are affordable and available in several sizes, types and materials.

It is trendy to have stylish and elegant sliding doors installed in residential and commercial spaces. However, it is also essential to understand a few important things before installation. Additionally, you must be aware of the benefits of residential uPVC doors that stand out in homes. Let us start by giving you an overview of the pros of owning sliding doors.

Pros of Installing Sliding Doors

  • Beauty:

    The sleek and smart sliding doors are popular due to their luxurious looks. There are many classic designs available, whether you go for a two-frame door or a three-frame door.

  • Functionality:

    These doors slide on a track horizontally. You can open them to the left or right, but not outside. Yet, this offers high functionality in all spaces, especially the restricted spaces. Space economy in homes is enhanced by the use of residential uPVC doors that slide smoothly.

  • Openness:

    With the sliding glass doors, the outdoor view becomes heavenly. You can enjoy the world without obstructions, as well as receive ample natural light inside.

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  • Low maintenance:

    When you choose uPVC doors, you can be sure that they will not flake or peel or corrode. You can just gently wipe them with a cloth and mild cleaner.

With these advantages, it is also required to know about the available options for sliding doors in terms of versatility.

  • Door styles, colours and materials

Before we discuss the sliding door cost, you must know that these doors are secure with their multi point locking systems. Sliding doors, in every section, have large glass panes. These can move on multiple tracks. A few common types of doors include the slide-and-fold doors, sliding doors, lift and slide doors, casement doors and French doors. You should seek proper consultation on these styles from your manufacturer and installer before buying.

Further, you can select from different frame materials like wood, uPVC and aluminium. The safest ones may be uPVC doors that have galvanized steel frame to handle the weight of the glass well. These are also secure against intrusion or break-ins. White sliding doors are quite popular as they merge well with any d├ęcor and space design theme. Still, you may pick out from several other door frame colours, from rustic to black.

  • Sliding door sizes available

Standard doors usually size up to 8-9 feet, while the standard patio doors size up to 7-8 feet. However, these can be found in many other sizes and are even customisable according to your space and installation requirements.

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  • Cost of sliding door installation

The sliding door cost may vary based on the contractor you choose for your work and their experience. It also depends on the ease of installation within the given space and time required to work on your project. Finally, include the cost of the door itself that you choose to install.

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