Which uPVC window design to choose to improve your home?

uPvc Windows | Posted on: 18thMay 2020

uPVC windows are a popular choice in various construction projects these days. Whether residential or commercial, homeowners and business owners prefer uPVC windows due to its multiple positive attributes, such as low maintenance, durability, environmentally-friendly, security and self-extinguishing.

uPVC Windows

Why should you choose uPVC Windows?

uPVC is an ideal option to cut out unwanted noise and block sound coming from outdoors, as these are soundproof systems. In colder regions like Shimla, uPVC window can easily withstand strong winds and snow. On the other hand, these profiles can also bear the impact of hot sun and humid weather conditions in coastal areas.

Another thing that makes the uPVC window so desirable is the fact that this 100% recyclable material requires low maintenance during their lifetime. These windows are also thermally-insulated. So, they help in keeping the interior warm in winter and cool in the summer season.

uPVC even contains a layer of galvanized steel, which makes it tough for burglars to break in. All these attributes of uPVC windows prove that installing them into your home or office is a great decision.

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When choosing uPVC window designs, you must consider specific parameters like:

  • Security

For security purposes, choose a uPVC window style that doesn’t open wide to let in intruders easily. For instance, double-hung windows can open wide enough if lower panes slide upwards. This way, it is not the right choice for security.

On the other hand, a narrow framed awning and casement windows leave little space for intruders to get inside. Both these window designs can even be sealed tightly to prevent the entry of rain and debris into your home.

  • View

If you wish your house to have a great outdoor view, bay windows and bow windows are ideal for this design. These windows usually curve outward from the external wall. However, a bow window has four to six openings, and the bay window has three. Depending on your preference, you may choose either of these uPVC window styles for your home.

  • Ventilation

For better ventilation, uPVC casement windows are high. These windows are excellent to create a narrow funnel to direct breeze into your house. Even double-hung uPVC windows Kerala are good for maximum ventilation.

  • Light

Again bay and bow uPVC windows are ideal for bringing in the maximum daylight and sunlight due to their wide view field and multiple openings. These windows are great for improving the aesthetics of any home with open-plan living space.

  • Appearance

To create a contemporary feel, minimal sliding windows or awning windows are great. The bay and bow windows are high to add dimension to your home while connecting you with the surrounding landscapes. Even casement windows are quite common in modern homes.

For creating a classic look, bay and bow windows work great while flooding the interior with natural light. They also have timeless appeal with their elegant frame design.


When looking to improve the overall look of your house, you need to understand which window design suits your home interior while meeting your essential requirements, such as view, security, light, etc. Whatever style you choose, it’s best to consult the professional windows supplier to provide you with a robust uPVC frame with aesthetic appeal.

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