UPVC Casement Windows

What you should know about uPVC casement windows?

uPvc Casement Windows | Posted on: 2nd Feb, 2021

Are you looking for an elegant and simple window design for your property? uPVC casement windows are standard uPVC window designs that offer an undivided view of the outdoors.

The best thing about uPVC casement windows is that it’s energy-efficient when it’s closed. These windows are also available in multiple styles, just like side hung.

What is a Casement Window?

A casement window offers a classic and practical look. It can be installed easily as a single or double sash for an elegant opening. The frame of the casement windows is fixed to the sides by hinges. They are available in various types of frames, from vinyl to metallic and wooden. However, the uPVC frame is the best for the modern home or office setting, as these frames are versatile and easy to customize.

Like casement door India, casement windows can easily swing open outwards or inwards according to the available space in your room. These windows can be swung open inwards or outwards depending on the area in your room. Furthermore, you can use a cam handle or level for opening these windows.

Essential Things You Need to Know about uPVC Casement Windows

The reason why uPVC casement windows are popular among both designers and homeowners is their endless benefits. Some essential things that make uPVC casement windows superior to other profiles are:

  • Eco-Friendly

When installing low-emission or low-E glass panes with silicone sealants in uPVC casement windows, you are likely to enjoy the energy efficiency. Low-E glass is a double-glazed glass, which helps in reflecting the sun’s heat in summers. Likewise, it can trap interior heat in the winter months. This way, the optimum indoor temperature can be maintained while reducing the need for external cooling and heating systems. It further leads to a decrease in monthly energy bills. Besides being highly energy-efficient, uPVC casement windows are also non-toxic. This makes it a perfect eco-friendly material for windows and doors.

  • Durable

Since uPVC is a durable material, it’s perfect for constructing long-lasting casement windows and doors. It is even termite-proof, moisture-resistant, UV-resistant, dust-proof and weather-resistant and hence, protects your windows from any environmental factor that can harm their durability, aesthetics, or overall strength.

  • Easy to Maintain

uPVC windows are resistant to peeling, flaking, rotting and rusting even after using them for several years. All it needs is a gentle cleaning routine with a clean cloth dipped in a water and household cleaner mixture. This makes the maintenance of these windows easy and convenient for busy homeowners.

  • Provides Security

When integrated with a multi-point locking system, uPVC casement windows are likely to offer a higher security level than any other window material. Moreover, uPVC windows come with galvanized steel cores that are not easy to break, providing the window with an additional protection layer.


A long list of benefits makes uPVC casement windows an ideal choice for modern home and office environments. So, consider all these factors and consult the best uPVC window supplier to ensure you invest in a high-quality window system.

5 crucial tips for selecting uPVC Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows | Posted on: 1th Jan, 2021

Selecting a window can be a tricky task due to the abundance of options available in terms of the type of windows and material used. One of the most popular options for windows these days is the sliding windows complemented by uPVC material.

This combination offers various advantages, including durability, convenience, weather resistance, efficient thermal insulation and high sound insulation. They have a long-life and are maintenance-free, as they can be cleaned easily and don’t get affected by corrosion or rotting. On top of these advantages, these sliding windows are inexpensive and affordable.

However, the lack of information regarding uPVC sliding windows can keep customers confused and unaware of what to look for? Therefore, the following list of crucial tips has been compiled to help customers select the best uPVC sliding windows:

  • Look for Quality

The customers should do proper research about the trusted brands that sell the best uPVC sliding windows. Trusted brands often provide quality material, service and discounts on such windows as compared to small manufacturers. You can go through online reviews or seek a friend or an expert’s recommendations in this regard as well.

  • Colours and Designs Offered

Visit the website of your shortlisted brands and check out the variety of designs and colours they offer of these windows. This is essential because this would help you choose the perfect colour to complement the aesthetics of your interior as well.

  • Your Budget

Keeping the budget in mind is crucial while selecting a sliding window. Usually, uPVC sliding windows are pocket-friendly but variables like brand name, window size or design can greatly affect the price. Ensure to check them and compare different options before buying.

  • Technological Innovations

It is always better to go for products that are more efficient and technologically advanced. One easy way to choose such products is to buy a product from an experienced and reputable brand. Such a brand would have put years of R&D into making the product better. Koemmerling is one such brand that offers everything from uPVC window, door, safe roller and window sills to French shutters. The quality of their uPVC Casement windows, tilt and turn windows and top-hung windows can also assure sliding window buyers. That’s why buying from a trusted and experienced brand can be rewarding.

  • Easy to Repair or Replace

The durability of a uPVC door/ window is unquestionably pretty high. But you may need a replacement or repair due to some impactful damage. In such a situation, you would want the repair parts or service to be easily available in your area. Therefore, keep this nuance in mind while selecting uPVC sliding windows.

To sum up, we can say that these points are crucial to remember while purchasing uPVC sliding windows. These windows are modern, ergonomic, durable and good for managing space economy. If you are thinking about going for uPVC sliding windows, then don’t hesitate to buy them.