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Reasons That’s Why People Choose uPVC Windows And Doors For Your Home

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 9nd Sep, 2021

Upon purchasing a new home or remodeling an old one, mounting the right windows and doors is of utmost significance as it helps in securing your property, providing proper ventilation, as well as giving a vibrant look to your premises. Even though there are various material options available in the market, uPVC windows are considered ideal due to their many features such as durability, strength, low maintenance, security, insulation, energy efficiency, weather resistance, etc.

Read On To Know About The 8 Reasons To Choose uPVC Windows And Doors For Your Home

  • Safety Features

A crucial benefit of selecting uPVC windows and door is that they provide protection against burglary as well as in the event of a fire accident. Packed with a multi-point locking system and internal beading mechanism, the uPVC frames and panels play a key role in securing your property from unwanted visitors. Additionally, the uPVC material is self-extinguishing in nature and does not support combustion, thus preventing the further spread of fire.

  • Design Options

Rich in durability and toughness, the uPVC windows are available with multiple designs, glass, and glazing options to fit your requirements. You can ask your uPVC windows manufacturers for different styles which include sliding windows, tilt & turn windows, and casement windows. In addition to it, you can choose from a diverse range of glasses such as tinted, clear, reflective, etc. Lastly, you can also opt for single, double, or triple glazing for added protection and insulation.

  • High-Level Insulation

uPVC windows provide efficient thermal insulation in all kinds of weather for a comfortable atmosphere within the premises. Along with it, such windows also provide insulation from pollen, dust, and scorching heat as well as unwanted noises. External sounds from neighbors or traffic are effectively blocked by the uPVC material which can be further enhanced by fitting steel reinforcements and suitable type of glass, thus helping in acoustic insulation.

  • Energy Efficient

Since uPVC material is a bad conductor of heat and does not allow its transfer within its frames. When fitted properly, such windows effectively regulate the optimal temperature in the homes or offices, thus minimizing the need for air conditioners and saving electricity. Compared to aluminum or wooden material, uPVC door & windows are more efficient in saving energy.

  • Low Maintenance And Durability

Requiring minimum upkeep, the uPVC surfaces are easy to clean with dishwashing fluid. Extremely tough and long-lasting, the uPVC frames can endure external damaging elements as well as protects from fading due to ultra-violet rays. High on functionality and efficiency, such windows can last for more than 20 years when subjected to proper care and correct maintenance.

  • Eco-Friendly

The minimum life span of uPVC windows is 40 years as they are crafted from 100% recyclable material which minimizes their long-term impact on the environment.

A non-toxic material designed for longevity, uPVC frames are lead-free and help in conserving energy. Manufactured with precision and care to lower energy costs, such windows do not leave behind a carbon footprint.

  • Weatherproof

Resilient to changing weather conditions, uPVC windows are immune to corroding and retain their excellent material properties for many years. Offering effective wind resistance and extreme water tightness, the uPVC frames do not rot or warp even in tropical or salty coastal climates. Whether it is rain, smog, snow, or strong sun, uPVC material blocks are not prone to degradation upon exposure to natural elements that ensure their long life. Additionally, uPVC windows are also termite-resistant and effectively maintain their sturdiness against insects.

  • Cost-Effective

Durable as well as energy-efficient, the uPVC windows are quite an economical option and come at a reasonable price as compared to aluminum and wood. Apart from regular cleaning, the uPVC door and windows do not require much maintenance. Hence, they are effective in reaping long-term cost benefits.

Weather-Proof Your Home Using uPVC Doors & Windows

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 7th Jul, 2021

In many regions, people wait for the monsoon season, as it relieves them from the scorching summer heat. However, homeowners begin to stress about certain problems that come along with monsoons. One of the major issues is that the rainy season does harm to their living spaces.

From swollen doors and windows to water seepage due to heavy rains, there are so many concerns. If not checked on time, these problems can become undesirable to your home aesthetics, as well as its foundation.

All Doors & Windows don’t Work Well Against Extreme Weather & Heavy Wind 

Did you know that the wind load factor goes high as the building increases in height? The wind load impact varies from floor to floor. It is highly dangerous on the top levels of a building. The old buildings can barely make it past the 7th or 8th floor.

Therefore, the growing buildings around us need more tenacious and lighter materials for construction. Even the windows and doors need higher endurance to withstand extreme weather and wind conditions.

uPVC is Here to Rescue

uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) is a tenacious, lightweight and high-performance material. It also bears extreme insulation properties. Therefore, uPVC window doors are considered the best alternative to troublesome and sloppy conventional doors and windows. Here’s why uPVC windows and doors are considered the best solution for weather-proofing your home:

1. uPVC does not Swell or Distort 

Looking for new doors and windows? You must opt for uPVC profiles over timber. For, uPVC doors and windows don’t swell or distort in the rainy season. These profiles also ensure proper sealing and zero gaps. In short, uPVC windows and doors prevent rainwater from entering your house and distorting it.

2. uPVC Profiles are Weather-proof

Both uPVC windows and doors are weatherproof. So, these profiles don’t let extreme weather harm your home interior. To monsoon-proof your abode, you may choose wind-resistant doors and windows. The best thing about these profiles is that they are even resistant to harsh storms and high-speed winds.

You need to know that uPVC is a sturdy material. It means their profiles remain as it is for a longer duration. So, choosing these doors and windows to weather-proof your home is the right step.

3. uPVC Windows and Doors are Termite Proof

Whether you choose uPVC casement windows/doors or any other style, all these are termite-proof. Unlike wooden windows and doors, uPVC profiles won’t be affected by termites in the rainy season. These profiles also come with built-in mesh, so the insects will also remain outside your home. Meanwhile, you can provide proper ventilation to your abode.

4. uPVC is Durable

Both uPVC doors and windows are highly durable. Since their shape remains intact for many years, they are likely to protect your home for a long duration. Furthermore, there is no fading, flaking and rotting. This means you can choose any desired uPVC windows colours, ensuring there won’t be any fading or rotting.

If it is not enough, you will be happy to know that uPVC profiles offer maximum thermal comfort. Plus, these don’t chip or corrode. All thanks to these characteristics, uPVC profiles are perfect to weather-proof your house.


If you are seeking a holistic solution to conventional fenestration woes, uPVC windows and doors won’t disappoint you. Besides offering unbeatable protection and safety to your homes, uPVC profiles come in various colours and finishes. So, you can choose them in any desired style to amp up the look of your property.

These profiles are also eco-friendly. Plus, these profiles keep your abode away from pollution that’s a major concern these days. But to get the most out of uPVC doors and windows, you need to purchase them from experienced manufacturers and dealers. The experts will provide you with the best uPVC solutions for a hassle-free experience.

5 Common Mistakes to avoid when installing a Sliding Door

sliding doors | Posted on: 5th May, 2021

Many modern homeowners opt for sliding doors for their home, as these are aesthetically beautiful, convenient to use, bring in ample natural daylight indoors, and save a lot of space.

However, beginners often make a lot of mistakes when installing a sliding glass door. Whether you want to replace your old sliding door or to look to install a new one, many problems can arise.

Here are some common mistakes that you need to avoid at the time of uPVC sliding doors installation:

  1. Not Hiring Professionals:

    While there is nothing wrong with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects for a sliding door installation, you must hire professionals to get the task done. For, the level of skill and expertise they have allows them to handle the complications that may arise during a door installation project. Accidental cuts or falls, spills, steeping on a screw and other issues may occur if you try to install the door on your own. To avoid all these mistakes, you can hire professional installers. Experts can reduce the risk of any pricey errors that may occur during the installation procedure.

  2. Improper Installation:

    The premium quality sliding doors come equipped with unique technology, which helps prevent heat loss in winter and loss of cool air during summer. However, these doors need to be installed properly to ensure they serve their purpose. But if you hire any immature door installer, they might not be able to ensure proper installation. If uPVC doors are not installed accurately, it could lead to the wastage of unique integrated technology. So, you should hire only experienced professionals who know all the steps to ensure that the new doors don’t cause air leakage.

  3. Not Taking Proper Measurements:

    You need to ensure proper measurement of the area where you want to install the sliding door to ensure the perfect door installation. However, there are several ways things may go wrong. When you hire a professional to install your doors, they ensure everything is done right and come back to fix things if something is not quite right. In short, with the help of experts, you don’t have to stay with improper or dysfunctional doors.

  4. Deciding as Per the Price:

    It is always tempting to purchase less pricey sliding doors. However, selecting based on the sliding door cost is a big mistake. This is because buying a cheaper door can cost you more money in the long run if it gets damaged sooner than expected. Therefore, you must always consider quality over the price while still being within a specific budget range.

  5. Glass Breakage:

    Sliding doors often have glass in them. But if the glass gets damaged during installation, your money is wasted. But with professional installation, you can be assured that you won’t have to pay for any damaged element during installation.

  6. No Embracing Natural Light:

    Natural light is an excellent way to make your room appear spacious, well-lit and appealing. Sadly, some homeowners fail to embrace natural light and choose frames that somehow block the light from entering their house. When choosing uPVC windows and doors, always consider natural daylight your primary element, as it can let your home have better energy efficiency capability in the long run.


Now you know what all things can go wrong at the time of installing sliding doors. But with the help of professional installers, you can be assured that everything is correct. It also means that you don’t have to deal with costly call-backs, unwanted damage/accidents or improper installation.

Everything you Need to Know about Sliding Doors

upvc doors | Posted on: 4th Apr, 2021

Sliding glass doors add great charm and functionality to any space. These are affordable and available in several sizes, types and materials.

It is trendy to have stylish and elegant sliding doors installed in residential and commercial spaces. However, it is also essential to understand a few important things before installation. Additionally, you must be aware of the benefits of residential uPVC doors that stand out in homes. Let us start by giving you an overview of the pros of owning sliding doors.

Pros of installing sliding doors

  • Beauty:

    The sleek and smart sliding doors are popular due to their luxurious looks. There are many classic designs available, whether you go for a two-frame door or a three-frame door.

  • Functionality:

    These doors slide on a track horizontally. You can open them to the left or right, but not outside. Yet, this offers high functionality in all spaces, especially the restricted spaces. Space economy in homes is enhanced by the use of residential uPVC doors that slide smoothly.

  • Openness:

    With the sliding glass doors, the outdoor view becomes heavenly. You can enjoy the world without obstructions, as well as receive ample natural light inside.

  • Low maintenance:

    When you choose uPVC doors, you can be sure that they will not flake or peel or corrode. You can just gently wipe them with a cloth and mild cleaner.

With these advantages, it is also required to know about the available options for sliding doors in terms of versatility.

  • Door styles, colours and materials

Before we discuss the sliding door cost, you must know that these doors are secure with their multi point locking systems. Sliding doors, in every section, have large glass panes. These can move on multiple tracks. A few common types of doors include the slide-and-fold doors, sliding doors, lift and slide doors, casement doors and French doors. You should seek proper consultation on these styles from your manufacturer and installer before buying.

Further, you can select from different frame materials like wood, uPVC and aluminium. The safest ones may be uPVC doors that have galvanized steel frame to handle the weight of the glass well. These are also secure against intrusion or break-ins. White sliding doors are quite popular as they merge well with any décor and space design theme. Still, you may pick out from several other door frame colours, from rustic to black.

  • Sliding door sizes available

Standard doors usually size up to 8-9 feet, while the standard patio doors size up to 7-8 feet. However, these can be found in many other sizes and are even customisable according to your space and installation requirements.

  • Cost of sliding door installation

The sliding door cost may vary based on the contractor you choose for your work and their experience. It also depends on the ease of installation within the given space and time required to work on your project. Finally, include the cost of the door itself that you choose to install.

Which one will work best for the balcony: uPVC windows or doors?

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 1th Jan, 2021

The balcony provides a breath of fresh air to you in your house. It is an important part of your house that can bring natural sunlight, fresh air and good views to you. However, it is not always the case in busy urban areas where you might not get sunlight for most of the day and the size of your balcony could also be small.

That’s why you should keep certain things in mind when deciding on the kind of doors and windows for your balcony. Factors like the amount of natural light received, size of the balcony, outside view, the level of privacy and the noise levels outside are crucial. You have to consider these aspects before choosing the doors and windows for your balcony.

One certain popular option is uPVC Doors and windows. They are durable, affordable, low-maintenance, recyclable, weatherproof and soundproof. But the next question is which one of them should you choose? There are some popular options like uPVC slide doors and uPVC slide & fold doors where you don’t require a window at all while there are hybrid options of doors and windows as well. Let’s break down some of the best uPVC windows and door options for a balcony below:

  • uPVC Slide and Fold Doors

These doors provide a big space for light to enter through the glass and thus, are perfect for balconies that offer great views and receive a good amount of sunlight throughout the day. You can slide the doors horizontally to open them with ease. These doors can also be folded to save space and remove the barrier between your room and balcony as per your requirements.

  • uPVC Lift and Slide Doors

These uPVC doors are similar to the slide and fold doors, as they open with a horizontal slide mechanism. These doors are also good for balconies, as they provide barrier-free access to your balcony. They also save space and don’t obstruct the interiors of your house. They don’t require windows to be installed separately at all. The uPVC lift and slide doors provide perfect ventilation and abundant light to your room.

  • uPVC Slide Doors

These are the most simplistic variant of uPVC sliding mechanism doors. The main advantage of these doors is that they can be installed in smaller balconies as well. Their advantages are similar to the two doors mentioned above. They are modern, ergonomic, space-efficient and affordable.

  • Top Hung Windows

These windows go well with uPVC window doors hybrid combination. They can be used with uPVC Casement doors and uPVC sliding doors to supplement the ventilation and amount of light entering the room.

  • Sliding Windows

Similar to slide doors, these work on a horizontal slide mechanism. They are modern as well as user-friendly. They are best for those situations where saving space is a priority. They also form a great uPVC window doors hybrid combination, alongside uPVC sliding doors and Casement doors.

  • Tilt And Turn Windows

These simple yet practical windows come in a variety of designs and sizes. They offer two functions. One is to provide partial and secure ventilation by tilting vertically. The second is to provide ventilation like a traditional window, which opens towards the room. They are also great for balconies.

These windows and doors are the best options for your balconies. If privacy, space and lack of sufficient light are the main issues, you can also go with uPVC casement windows and uPVC casement doors. All the uPVC doors and windows are weatherproof, almost soundproof and perfect for thermal insulation. These features make uPVC doors and windows a perfect match for your balcony requirements.

What you need to consider before finalizing a uPVC window company

uPvc Windows | Posted on: 11th Nov, 2020

Many companies have started manufacturing and selling uPVC windows and doors. When it comes to choosing the right company for your home, ensure to keep these pointers in mind and make the right decision based on them.

uPVC windows have become popular in residential and commercial establishments. uPVC doors offer many advantages over standard doors and windows, which make them great for homes and offices. However, you must purchase, as well as install, these doors and windows from professional uPVC doors and windows manufacturers. Here are some tips you need to keep in mind when choosing a professional manufacturer and supplier of uPVC doors and windows.

  • Experience and expertise

Before finally choosing a uPVC door and window manufacturer, take some time to search for professional companies online. Narrow down a list of companies that deal in uPVC windows and doors near your home.

Next, check if these companies have an official website. If they do, browse through their site to learn about their expertise in the field. Also, check for experience (ideally, professional uPVC door and window manufacturer should have been in the business for at least three years). Ensure to check for proof of license from a government-recognized authority as well.

If the company does not have a website, find their phone number and call the company for a consultation or quote and clarify the points mentioned above. If the company does not provide appropriate answers for the same, skip it.

  • Quality of products

Another factor that needs to be considered when choosing a uPVC windows company is to check the quality of products offered by them. Quality should not be compromised at any cost. Hence, you must choose manufacturers who are known for delivering high-quality products. Check for customer reviews for the company online. Also, call the company to see if they can provide references for you to call, as well as samples to look at. Choose a company only after being completely assured that they use quality products.

  • Variety and options

The uPVC doors and windows manufacturers you finalize should also be able to provide you with a range of window and door options to choose from, rather than sticking to one model the company deals in. A supplier providing a variety of uPVC doors and windows would be more likely to work with your installation requirements and budget. Finding a company that offers customization for uPVC doors and windows is an added advantage, as it allows you to explore more choices when installing these doors and windows in your home.

  • Eco-friendliness

With many governments around the world cracking the whip hard on non-sustainable products while promoting green living, it has become important to choose products that are sustainable and will not harm the environment in the long run. When choosing a manufacturer of uPVC sliding windows, make it a point to choose a company that follows eco-friendly procedures and sells sustainable products. This will ensure that your home and surroundings remain safe and healthy in the years to come.

  • Add-on services

A professional uPVC door and window manufacturing company would also provide customer support and post-sales services. When choosing a company to install uPVC doors and windows in your home, opt for a company that offers these services in addition to professional installation service. This ensures you will have help ready at hand if the windows or doors get damaged in the future.

Points to Consider When Buying uPVC Doors and Windows

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 11th Nov, 2020

uPVC doors and windows offer many advantages over traditional doors and windows. However, you must keep these points in mind when shopping for uPVC doors/windows to ensure that you buy the right product for your home/office.

Many homeowners have started opting for uPVC doors and windows for their homes and offices. uPVC doors have several advantages over traditional wooden doors and windows in terms of aesthetic appeal, strength and durability. If you are considering adding uPVC doors and windows to your home/office as well, here are some points you need to look into when choosing them.

  • Take a Look at the Profile

Take time to do some research on the material profile for uPVC doors. While there may be many material profiles out there, you would want to choose the one that suits your home. Stay away from cheap, low-grade options and invest in high-quality uPVC doors after inspecting their look, durability, functionality, etc. thoroughly.

Make sure to shop only at reliable stores that specialize in uPVC sliding windows and doors. Check the material of profiles offered by the company. Go through the features of each profile and choose one only after careful consideration. Also take into account the eco-friendliness, opting for windows and doors that do not contain the toxic element. Paying a little extra to invest in a high-quality uPVC profile will ensure you remain safe and healthy in the days to come.

  • Consider the Locking Systems in Place

You must invest in uPVC doors and windows that come with superior locking systems. A high-quality locking system automatically translates to a better quality build. High-quality uPVC windows and doors do not come with cheap locking mechanisms. Hence, make it a point to look into the locking mechanisms of the windows and doors you plan to install. This will allow you to breathe easy knowing that you and your family are safe and secure.

Check for a proper bolting framework on the windows and doors. The best uPVC doors and windows are those that come with double glazed glass windows and multi-point lock systems. Research the material used for the bolts and handles, ensuring that they are made of erosion or rust-free materials, which can stand the test of time.

  • Go Through Mechanical Parts

Make sure to take note of the mechanical parts of the uPVC doors and windows you invest in. All mechanical parts like screws, hinges, joints, etc. need to be carefully examined to ensure that they stand the test of time and do not rust or corrode. One way to check the quality of the stainless steel mechanical parts of uPVC windows and doors is to use a magnet to see if it sticks to the parts. In an ideal situation, the magnet would not stick to the stainless steel parts, thus assuring you of the latter’s quality.

  • Look at the Warranty Period

When speaking to the uPVC sliding door manufacturer, ensure to ask about the warranty period for the uPVC doors and windows they offer. uPVC installations usually come with a 10-year warranty. This is to ensure that the quality of the material remains intact for a longer period. If the doors and windows sustain any damages because of the elements mentioned in its warranty guide, the manufacturer is obliged to repair or replace the doors/windows at no cost.

Ways to save money by choosing uPVC windows doors

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 11th Nov, 2020

Due to high energy consumption all over the world, the rates of electricity are increasingly rising. Over the years, people have become dependent on electronic appliances like air conditioners and heaters to the extent that their life seems impossible without the use of these devices. But this has ultimately led to the rise of energy bill costs, which is one of the significant issues for both homeowners and business owners.

If you’re not aware, let us enlighten you that some energy is even lost from your house or workspace due to the standard windows. It is because the traditional window materials like wood have specific gaps that cause energy loss. And, because of the energy loss, consumers all over the world deal with rising energy bills costs every month.

Wondering what the solution to this problem is? Well, the advanced uPVC doors and uPVC windows is the best practical and stylish solution to tackle this issue.

Why pick uPVC Doors & Windows?

uPVC doors and windows are made of highly durable and recyclable materials that are not only resistant to rust and environmental damages but also easy to maintain. Both uPVC doors and windows are designed to last for a long duration without any need for extra care and maintenance. Due to these characteristics, uPVC windows and doors are considered to be the right choice for contemporary homes and office spaces.

Other advantages of uPVC windows and doors are its impeccable strength and ability to provide better thermal insulation for maintaining an optimum temperature indoors. It means that the uPVC profiles are beneficial to provide consistent temperature in your house, despite any weather conditions. For instance, your home or office will remain warm in winter because of NO heat loss and stay cool in summer, as no outside air can pass through these window and door profiles.

Even the cleaning of both uPVC windows and uPVC doors is effortless. All you require is to wipe them off with a clean cloth and soapy water without the fear of spoiling the material with water contact. With this simple cleaning technique, you can keep your uPVC windows and doors as good as new ones.

How to Save money with uPVC Windows and Doors?

According to uPVC windows manufacturers in Delhi NCR, the installation of uPVC doors and windows can proactively help you save your money by:

  • Decreasing Unnecessary Electricity Bills

As mentioned above, uPVC doors and windows are intended to provide higher thermal insulation. Since there are no gaps or cracks in these doors and windows, there will be no energy loss in the form of hot or cold air. When there is no unwanted loss of hot and cold air from indoors, you don’t have to use your heating and cooling devices now for long duration. Due to less use of these appliances, there will automatically be a significant decrease in the cost of your electricity bills.

  • Offering a Cost-Effective Solution

The installation of uPVC windows and doors may be a little pricey than conventional materials, but if you install these window and door profiles, you don’t have to spend on frequent repairs or replacements.

Since uPVC profiles are made from a highly durable material that’s resistant to impact, rust, weathering and other damages, installing uPVC doors and windows is a cost-effective and long-term solution for you.

  • No Maintenance Cost

Unlike conventional door and window materials, the advanced uPVC profiles won’t require frequent repair or repainting jobs to remain in good condition. With proper cleaning regularly, it’s easier to keep these profiles in the best shape while improving their aesthetics. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about maintenance costs after the installation of uPVC profiles.


Now you know all the advantages of the cost-effectiveness of uPVC doors and uPVC windows in Jaipur, you must consider installing them in your property. You may even get these profiles customised as per your liking and that too without compromising on the aesthetics. However, you must only consult the professional uPVC doors and windows suppliers to help you make the best buying decision.

Why people love uPVC doors and windows for urban homes

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 9th Sep, 2020

If you are remodelling or constructing your home, you may, at some point, come across uPVC windows. If you’re not aware, let us tell you that uPVC windows have taken the industry by storm. Known to offer a perfect combination of style, performance and technicality, uPVC profiles have become a popular choice among homeowners for all the right reasons.

Why are uPVC windows so popular?

Here are the top five reasons that encourage people to switch to the advanced uPVC windows Srinagar:

  • There’s No Better Energy-Efficient Window Option than uPVC

With the rise of global warming, the costs of cooling have increased a lot. Since many indoors are becoming warmer due to the climatic change, it has become nearly impossible to survive without air-conditioning, especially in hotter summer months. However, uPVC doors and windows are the energy-efficient solutions to resolve this issue.

Their higher insulation value of uPVC windows prevents the build-up of heat inside the home in summer months while keeping the indoor temperature fresh. And, in winters, these profiles avoid the elimination of heat within a room, offering warmer indoors.

  • Resilient to Weathering

uPVC windows are integrated with a double-sealed mechanism, which acts as a barrier against rain, wind and dust. The internal water drain slots, gradient slope and raised track rail help in blocking water from getting inside rooms.
Moreover, the material is highly resilient to weathering, showing resistance against rotting, peeling, pitting, drying out and corroding. It means that uPVC frames will remain in good shape, despite any weather condition.

  • uPVC Windows are Long Lasting

Another reason why many homeowners prefer uPVC windows for their home is that these solutions can last up to 50 years or more. With minimal maintenance and without compromising with its functionality, these windows can survive for decades without much hassle. Plus, the galvanized steel reinforcements make uPVC windows more stable structurally.

  • Economical over a period of time

Another significant advantage of installing uPVC windows is that these are highly economical. Despite being available at an affordable rate, uPVC profiles offer maximum energy-efficient, durability and premium aesthetics, along with low maintenance requirements. Plus, the material is highly sustainable and non-toxic to homeowners and the environment. It makes uPVC windows worth every penny spent on them.

  • Low-Maintenance

Today, when everyone is busy with their work and personal life, homeowners hardly get any time to maintain home installations. Therefore, uPVC windows are an excellent option for modern homes, as they require minimal maintenance. Since uPVC doors are weather-proof, they can easily bear the impact of daily wear-and-tear.

Moreover, uPVC windows are easy to clean and operate. All you need to do is wipe off the surface with a damp sponge or cloth to make them shine like new again. They don’t even require polishing or painting, as they can retain their shine for many years without any touch-ups.


All the mentioned qualities make uPVC windows the best choice for modern homes in Srinagar. It offers real value-for-money and excellent performance in every weather condition. Most importantly, these are long-lasting with minimal upkeep – no polishing or painting – throughout their life cycle. It is indeed an amenity to enhance the value of your even more.

6 Common Myths About uPvc Windows

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 2th Feb, 2020

uPVC windows are rapidly increasing in demand due to their sleek, lightweight and versatile design that can complement any traditional or contemporary home. However, many people do not consider uPVC windows for their homes because they have heard many misconceptions or myths about the installation and usage of uPVC profiles.

Since we are highly aware of the benefits of this material for any building or renovation project, we are going to debunk some common misconceptions about uPVC windows.

After reading these misconceptions about uPVC, you will know that these myths are not at all true and one must invest in this excellent material. Without further ado, let us dive into the common myths about uPVC windows.

Myth #1: uPVC windows are of plastic

Many homeowners think that these windows are made from plastic and not strong enough. But the truth is that “U” in uPVC stands for “unplasticized.” The primary chemical found in uPVC windows is salt, NOT any cheap plastic. So, there is no need to worry about these windows containing any plastic element.

Myth #2: uPVC windows are prone to cracking and warping in the sun, especially during summers

Since many homeowners believe that uPVC window doors are made from plastic, they think they are prone to cracking and warping in summer months. Usually, plastic tends to expand on hot sunny days. But when we talk about uPVC windows, they are all-weather windows and can withstand any harsh climatic conditions.   These double glazed windows are created using galvanized iron. So, they would not expand even in the hottest summer months. These windows and doors can retain their shape and size, no matter what are the weather conditions outside.

Myth #3: uPVC windows are bad for the environment

Since uPVC windows contain no plastic, these are not at all harmful to the environment. Instead, it is an eco-friendly material with fantastic insulation properties, resulting in reduced energy bills. Moreover, these windows can easily be recycled after use, leaving no impact on the environment.

Myth #4: uPVC double glazed windows may get condensation

Well, this is not entirely false. For, in winter months, windows are likely to get condensation regardless of the frame and type of material. But in the case of the double glazed uPVC window, there is a trickle vent to let out a small amount of air. It helps in reducing condensation up to zero levels.

The tighter a house is sealed, the more are chances of condensation. But you need not worry about it. You can easily prevent it by opening windows time-to-time or using a dehumidifier. However, uPVC double glazed windows are already integrated with ventilation features to let air flow through for preventing condensation.

Myth #5: uPVC windows are expensive

It is also a big misconception. But the truth is that uPVC windows are quite affordable compared to conventional window frame materials. It is reasonably priced compared to aluminum and timber and falls within the budget of many renovators or homeowners.

Myth #6: Secondary glazing is a better alternative to double glazing

Some homeowners consider secondary glazing to avoid replacement of the entire window frame. Secondary glazing usually means installing any supplementary glazing pane on an existing single glazed window. While secondary glazing may help with insulation, it is prone to noise and condensation. Moreover, it is not as energy-efficient as uPVC windows.

Secondary glazing even needs more maintenance from time to time. However, uPVC windows are low maintenance and also two times energy-efficient compared to secondary glazing.
After separating facts from misconceptions, you get a clear picture and know why uPVC windows are so popular among many homeowners. Would you invest in uPVC windows after knowing the truth or still stick to the misconceptions? Do share your views with us.