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Choosing The Best uPVC Windows Supplier: How To Go About It?

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 10th Oct, 2021

Windows are an integral part of your home. You would not want to make any mistakes while getting a new window installed. Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) has emerged as one of the most preferred materials for windows in recent times. There are numerous benefits of having uPVC windows instead of the ones made of wood or metal. However, you must choose the right supplier. It may not be a good purchase if you do not select one of the top uPVC windows dealers for your home. 

Tips for Picking the Right uPVC Windows Dealers

With plenty of options available out there, homeowners often feel confused about where to buy the windows from. Here are a few quick tips you may follow to choose the best uPVC window supplier.

1. Go for Quality Products

When it is about something as important as the windows, you would not want to compromise on quality. Apart from quality material, the windows should also come with pleasing aesthetics. Quality products are worth the money. They not only last longer but also add value to your home. You might want to go through reviews to check how well a supplier adheres to quality. 

2. Range of Options

Ideally, you would want to buy a window that would fit in perfectly with the design of your home. This can be challenging to achieve if you do not have enough options to choose from. Look for uPVC windows dealers that offer a wide range of products. This would help you find windows that are a perfect match for your home.

3. Customisation

If a range of options is not enough for you, you may go for customised windows. If you have always wanted any specific window design, you can get your windows customised that way. Moreover, customisation also opens up the possibility of installing additional features. These include hurricane bars, triple-glazed glass, mesh, etc. 

4. After-Sales Services

It is natural for the sellers to take care of their customers during the sale. However, you would have to find a supplier that keeps helping their customers after the sale. Buying your windows from a supplier with good after-sales services would guarantee far fewer hassles in the future. If there are any troubles related to the installation or any queries, they should help you out.

5. Decide Your Budget

One of the simplest ways to narrow down your options is to decide how much you can afford to spend. Once you have fixed your budget, you have a particular price range to look out for. Now you can search for suppliers that offer uPVC windows within that price range. A well-established window supplier should be able to provide windows at different prices. 

How to choose the uPVC Windows?

Once you have picked a reliable supplier, you would likely have plenty of windows to choose from. Essentially, choosing the right one is very important. Here are a few ways in which you may go about it:

  • Pay attention to the dimensions. You would not want a window that is too small or too large. 
  • Choose a design that would look good in your indoor setting and outdoor design. 
  • Consider whether you need any extra features, such as solar control and insulation. 
  • If in doubt, you can always seek the supplier’s help to guide you with the choice. 

While choosing the best supplier and the right windows might take some effort, it is undoubtedly worthwhile. You may look for uPVC windows dealers near you and compare them to find the best among them. 

Which One Is Perfect UPVC Awning Windows and uPVC Sliding Windows?

Sliding Windows | Posted on: 9nd Sep, 2021

Whether it is the design, functionality, or budget, each uPVC window possesses a unique set of characteristics to fit the needs and match the décor of your home. While all uPVC sliding windows offer adequate ventilation for a cozy atmosphere without compromising on security or insulation, selecting between sliding windows and awning windows seems to be quite the task for an individual. Hence, one must be aware of their requirements as well as the pros and cons associated with them for making a sound decision.

Read On To Know More About Choosing Between uPVC Awning Windows And uPVC sliding windows.

What Are uPVC Awning Windows?

Commonly referred to as the crank windows, the uPVC awning windows are made for openings where the width is much greater as compared to the height. Unlike casement windows that are attached to the side of the window, the awning windows are fitted with hinges at the top. Generally operated with a crank, handle, or lever, such windows come with a wide variety of patterns and sizes. Efficient in creating an airtight seal when closed, awning windows are excellent for providing adequate ventilation and bringing natural light into the room.

What Are uPVC Sliding Windows?

One of the most efficient and flexible uPVC window types available in the market, a sliding window is suitable for places with limited space. Installed with two smashes and rollers at the bottom, the windows can be easily operated by moving the glass panel horizontally across a track. Durable and sturdy, such windows glide smoothly along the frame in both directions to maintain a healthy flow of air. Available in single as well as double-slider options, sliding windows are easier to use as they are not fitted with any cranks or handles for operation. Suitable for wide openings, they are perfect for traditionally-styled houses providing an unobstructed outside view.

uPVC Awning Windows v/s uPVC Sliding Windows

Design And Ease Of Operation

Mounted with two sashes in tracks, the sliding windows are great for places without much vertical clearance but enough horizontal space. Easy to use by sliding the glass panel, such windows do not require any crank. Conversely, the uPVC awning windows comes with one sash hinged at the top of the window and can be opened outwards using a crank attached at the bottom. Do remember to ask your uPVC window suppliers about their functionality to avoid any confusion later.

Energy Efficiency

While both uPVC windows are energy-saving and reduce unnecessary electricity expenses caused due to overuse of AC or heater, the uPVC awning windows are more energy-efficient as compared to sliding windows. Due to the use of a cranking mechanism in awning windows, they are much more efficient in creating an airtight seal that does not allow the outside weather to affect the room temperature in any way.


Excellent at preventing leaks, both the windows are a great choice to weatherproof your house. While the sliding windows are operated on a track, they provide good ventilation but are slightly less effective in providing weather resistance. On the other hand, the design of uPVC awning windows allows 100% weather resistance at all times whether it is rain, smog, snow, dust, or scorching sun outside.

Maintenance And Cost-Efficiency  

Providing similar visibility and thermal insulation, both the windows are available at the same price and can be cleaned with just a cloth. Available with a wide variety of colors and designs, the sliding windows require frequent cleaning of the tracks to wipe away dirt and dust. Then again, the awning windows are high maintenance due to the installed cranking mechanism and hence require more cleaning than the traditional windows.


While the upvc sliding windows might rattle during storms, they include a self-locking mechanism that plays a significant role in securing your premises. On the other hand, the uPVC awning windows come with a multi-point locking system and multiple security hooks, or friction hinges to protect your house against burglars as well as during extreme weather conditions.

Reasons That’s Why People Choose uPVC Windows And Doors For Your Home

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on:

Upon purchasing a new home or remodeling an old one, mounting the right windows and doors is of utmost significance as it helps in securing your property, providing proper ventilation, as well as giving a vibrant look to your premises. Even though there are various material options available in the market, uPVC windows are considered ideal due to their many features such as durability, strength, low maintenance, security, insulation, energy efficiency, weather resistance, etc.

Read On To Know About The 8 Reasons To Choose uPVC Windows And Doors For Your Home

  • Safety Features

A crucial benefit of selecting uPVC windows and door is that they provide protection against burglary as well as in the event of a fire accident. Packed with a multi-point locking system and internal beading mechanism, the uPVC frames and panels play a key role in securing your property from unwanted visitors. Additionally, the uPVC material is self-extinguishing in nature and does not support combustion, thus preventing the further spread of fire.

  • Design Options

Rich in durability and toughness, the uPVC windows are available with multiple designs, glass, and glazing options to fit your requirements. You can ask your uPVC windows manufacturers for different styles which include sliding windows, tilt & turn windows, and casement windows. In addition to it, you can choose from a diverse range of glasses such as tinted, clear, reflective, etc. Lastly, you can also opt for single, double, or triple glazing for added protection and insulation.

  • High-Level Insulation

uPVC windows provide efficient thermal insulation in all kinds of weather for a comfortable atmosphere within the premises. Along with it, such windows also provide insulation from pollen, dust, and scorching heat as well as unwanted noises. External sounds from neighbors or traffic are effectively blocked by the uPVC material which can be further enhanced by fitting steel reinforcements and suitable type of glass, thus helping in acoustic insulation.

  • Energy Efficient

Since uPVC material is a bad conductor of heat and does not allow its transfer within its frames. When fitted properly, such windows effectively regulate the optimal temperature in the homes or offices, thus minimizing the need for air conditioners and saving electricity. Compared to aluminum or wooden material, uPVC door & windows are more efficient in saving energy.

  • Low Maintenance And Durability

Requiring minimum upkeep, the uPVC surfaces are easy to clean with dishwashing fluid. Extremely tough and long-lasting, the uPVC frames can endure external damaging elements as well as protects from fading due to ultra-violet rays. High on functionality and efficiency, such windows can last for more than 20 years when subjected to proper care and correct maintenance.

  • Eco-Friendly

The minimum life span of uPVC windows is 40 years as they are crafted from 100% recyclable material which minimizes their long-term impact on the environment.

A non-toxic material designed for longevity, uPVC frames are lead-free and help in conserving energy. Manufactured with precision and care to lower energy costs, such windows do not leave behind a carbon footprint.

  • Weatherproof

Resilient to changing weather conditions, uPVC windows are immune to corroding and retain their excellent material properties for many years. Offering effective wind resistance and extreme water tightness, the uPVC frames do not rot or warp even in tropical or salty coastal climates. Whether it is rain, smog, snow, or strong sun, uPVC material blocks are not prone to degradation upon exposure to natural elements that ensure their long life. Additionally, uPVC windows are also termite-resistant and effectively maintain their sturdiness against insects.

  • Cost-Effective

Durable as well as energy-efficient, the uPVC windows are quite an economical option and come at a reasonable price as compared to aluminum and wood. Apart from regular cleaning, the uPVC door and windows do not require much maintenance. Hence, they are effective in reaping long-term cost benefits.

Looking to install windows in 2021? Here is what you should know

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 3st Mar, 2021

The uPVC windows are becoming popular among homeowners due to their abundant design choices, value for money and durability. uPVC windows are easy to maintain and install in any style and colour of your choice.

All these windows are integrated with good security aspects and are known for their robustness. These attributes make both uPVC windows and doors an excellent choice to replace your existing windows.

Why is Proper Installation and Quality of Windows Important?

The way uPVC windows are installed plays a major role in its long-term performance. If the windows are installed incorrectly, they will leak air and keep energy bills high. While certain uPVC windows are structurally weak, the high-quality uPVC glass door and windows can last a lifetime due to their strong structure.

If you want to replace your existing windows with ones that last a long time, you need to pick quality over price. While low priced windows seem tempting, you could end up spending more money in the long run on their maintenance. Therefore, choosing high-quality uPVC windows is of the utmost importance.

Things to Know Before You Purchase uPVC Windows

Here are certain things that you need to consider while purchasing uPVC windows:

uPVC Windows are Available in Different Colours:

Earlier uPVC windows were available only in white colour. But now with advancements in technology, these window profiles come with variety of lamination options.

For instance, if you choose grey uPVC windows, they add a minimalist feel to your home. On the other hand, brown windows add warmth to the interior. However, for a more dramatic effect, you can pick black uPVC windows. And the cream windows are great for complementing any home style.

uPVC Windows are Available in Various Styles

When it comes to choosing the style of windows, you must know that uPVC windows offer abundant style options. So, choosing uPVC windows that go well with your home interior is not an issue.

For instance, uPVC casement windows are intended to open outwards and inwards with hinges attached to the window frame. Another uPVC window style is tilt and turn that opens inwards or tilts inside from the top due to their side hinges.

For filtering light into your home, you can go for uPVC fixed windows that neither open nor close. On the other hand, uPVC sliding windows are a convenient option for regular use, as well as to bring maximum daylight into your home, while offering uninterrupted outside views.

Other Factors to Know When Selecting uPVC Windows

Homeowners can also pick uPVC windows in various shapes and sizes, such as large, small, oval, arched, etc. Even the handles of these windows can be personalized as per your choice. Plus, you can even choose various types of air vents, glass, grids and window sills for your windows.


No matter what type of uPVC windows you select, whether these are grey, white, small or large, you must know that you will benefit from them. These windows not only offer stunning visual appeal to your home but also help in reducing outside noise, increasing the value of your home and improving insulation.

If you are searching for the right uPVC windows for your home, you must consult a professional window supplier for making the best buying decision.

How can I make my home Noise proof?

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 9th Sep, 2020

If you live in a busy and populated city, you might be facing pollution in the form of noise or pollutants in the air. The problem gets even worse if you live in an industrial area. In such places, also if you keep your windows and doors closed, the issue is still not solved. So, how to make your home noise-proof?

To reduce the outside noise, you can install uPVC doors and windows to your property. It is the latest development in the construction world and involves two parts – double glazed windows and uPVC window frames. We’ll explain in detail both the parts and how they operate to fight noise pollution.

According to noise-proof uPVC doors manufacturers, this framing material is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable than metallic and wooden frames.

Double-glazed uPVC windows are composed of two individual glass pieces. These two glass pieces help in enclosing an inert gas, which never reacts over time and is very stable. This combination can easily combat noise pollution, as it follows a two-pronged approach to solving this issue in the given way:

● First, the outer layer of the window helps in absorbing the impact of noise pollution. It consists of a laminated glass piece that essentially has two glass panes with 0.76mm film between them to block unwanted sound.
● There is also an air gap between 12mm to 18mm, in which the inert gas absorbs any residual shockwaves in case the sound is loud.
● There is also a second glass pane for making sound wave travel through a layer of thin glass, a thin film, an 18mm argon-filled gap, another glass pane, and then finally reaches your ears on the other side of a window. This way, the sound is reduced to a great extent.

Everything mentioned above contributes to solving the problem of unwanted sound entering your house. That’s the reason many homeowners or business owners in metropolitan areas are opting for high-quality uPVC windows and doors for their properties.

It will gradually become a norm to install uPVC profiles, especially in busy cities, to resolve the noise pollution problem. Furthermore, the premium quality uPVC windows and doors are effective against the transfer of heat. So, the interior remains cool in summer months and warm in the winter season.


uPVC doors and windows have become all the rage in various parts of the world due to their superior quality, ease of installation, and smooth operation. Moreover, the primary reason why people are now opting for uPVC profiles is due to their ability to offer a fantastic noise-free environment indoors.

However, it is best to get your uPVC material from the reputed and experienced suppliers near you or online. You can easily search for the best local suppliers, check their online reviews, and then finally call them to ask for the product you need. Koemmerling has been supplying the premium quality uPVC double-glazed windows to many homeowners and commercial property owners to solve their problem of unwanted noise pollution.

Why people love uPVC doors and windows for urban homes

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 9th Sep, 2020

If you are remodelling or constructing your home, you may, at some point, come across uPVC windows. If you’re not aware, let us tell you that uPVC windows have taken the industry by storm. Known to offer a perfect combination of style, performance and technicality, uPVC profiles have become a popular choice among homeowners for all the right reasons.

Why are uPVC windows so popular?

Here are the top five reasons that encourage people to switch to the advanced uPVC windows Srinagar:

  • There’s No Better Energy-Efficient Window Option than uPVC

With the rise of global warming, the costs of cooling have increased a lot. Since many indoors are becoming warmer due to the climatic change, it has become nearly impossible to survive without air-conditioning, especially in hotter summer months. However, uPVC doors and windows are the energy-efficient solutions to resolve this issue.

Their higher insulation value of uPVC windows prevents the build-up of heat inside the home in summer months while keeping the indoor temperature fresh. And, in winters, these profiles avoid the elimination of heat within a room, offering warmer indoors.

  • Resilient to Weathering

uPVC windows are integrated with a double-sealed mechanism, which acts as a barrier against rain, wind and dust. The internal water drain slots, gradient slope and raised track rail help in blocking water from getting inside rooms.
Moreover, the material is highly resilient to weathering, showing resistance against rotting, peeling, pitting, drying out and corroding. It means that uPVC frames will remain in good shape, despite any weather condition.

  • uPVC Windows are Long Lasting

Another reason why many homeowners prefer uPVC windows for their home is that these solutions can last up to 50 years or more. With minimal maintenance and without compromising with its functionality, these windows can survive for decades without much hassle. Plus, the galvanized steel reinforcements make uPVC windows more stable structurally.

  • Economical over a period of time

Another significant advantage of installing uPVC windows is that these are highly economical. Despite being available at an affordable rate, uPVC profiles offer maximum energy-efficient, durability and premium aesthetics, along with low maintenance requirements. Plus, the material is highly sustainable and non-toxic to homeowners and the environment. It makes uPVC windows worth every penny spent on them.

  • Low-Maintenance

Today, when everyone is busy with their work and personal life, homeowners hardly get any time to maintain home installations. Therefore, uPVC windows are an excellent option for modern homes, as they require minimal maintenance. Since uPVC doors are weather-proof, they can easily bear the impact of daily wear-and-tear.

Moreover, uPVC windows are easy to clean and operate. All you need to do is wipe off the surface with a damp sponge or cloth to make them shine like new again. They don’t even require polishing or painting, as they can retain their shine for many years without any touch-ups.


All the mentioned qualities make uPVC windows the best choice for modern homes in Srinagar. It offers real value-for-money and excellent performance in every weather condition. Most importantly, these are long-lasting with minimal upkeep – no polishing or painting – throughout their life cycle. It is indeed an amenity to enhance the value of your even more.

Transform Your Home with Different uPVC Window Styles

uPvc Windows | Posted on: 6th Jun, 2020

Windows often play a significant role in enhancing both the exterior and interior of a house. But unlike conventional wood or metal windows that can cause air leakage, it’s best to choose energy-efficient and insulated uPVC windows to update the look of your home and that too without depleting the budget.

Why do you need uPVC windows?

Here are the two primary reasons why people need uPVC windows Hyderabad for their home:

  • Interior Upgrade

Sometimes, your living space needs an aesthetic boost from inside. So, choosing the right uPVC window trim is the fastest and easiest way for adding clean and crisp lines to your interior. You can choose from various trim types for your uPVC windows. For instance, when you want to install new windows, you may consider adding a decorative moulding on the top for a luxurious look.

  • For More Dramatic Views

Today, many homeowners choose huge uPVC glass frames to add a luxurious feel to their home. For, they bring the dramatic natural views from outside to your living space. So, if you want a broad view of the surrounding landscape, sliding uPVC windows is a good option for you.

What uPVC Windows Styles to choose from?

Both uPVC windows and doors in Hyderabad are available in various design choices. No matter how your home furnishing and rest of the home interior look like, there’s always a uPVC window solution for you.

Besides the plain white profiles, uPVC windows are available in many finishes, such as:

  • Dark oak for making your home feel private and warm while retaining nature’s touch.
  • Golden oak emanates a warm and gentle aura to lend a cosy vibe to your living space.
  • Walnut finish gives a relaxed feel to the interior. This design is ideal for the area where you need to unwind after a long day.

Aside from wood finishes, the pattern and colour of the window frame may also add aesthetic appeal to your interior. What makes the new uPVC windows more versatile is the fact that they can easily complement a wide range of designs and shapes.

Some of these designs are:

  • Arch design is a classic and timeless window frame. Since uPVC windows are made of a flexible polymer, this makes it possible to be designed in the shape of decorative arch windows.
  • Bay window is another engaging uPVC window style for letting in sunlight. It is further coupled with insulation and energy efficiency properties while helping you minimise energy bills.
  • Casement uPVC windows open vertically and also help in bringing in ample sunlight within your home. These are also one of the more secure options for your home.
  • Corner uPVC windows are designed to serve as a bridge between the interior and exterior of your house. These also help in bringing ample sunlight while providing more ventilation to the given space.

uPVC windows are both pleasing to look at and offer practicality to your living space. You may even get uPVC windows customised to meet your window requirements, making it a perfect choice for your urban dwelling. However, always consult the best uPVC window supplier near you to invest in the top-notch material that can easily last several years.

Tips To Select uPVC Windows Manufactured In Srinagar

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 3th Mar, 2020

Indoors need sunshine and fresh air. That’s why house walls have windows. However, these windows have become all the more functional with time. The latest windows, with different frame materials, not only let the natural light and air in but also perform functions like noise attenuation, insulation, ensure safety, etc.

Not only has the functional aspect changed but also the window material. These days the content of the window includes Aluminium, wood, steel, vinyl, unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) and more. Among all others, the uPVC windows are gaining popularity because they offer more than aesthetics.

What is uPVC?

uPVC is a form of plastic, which is also known as rigid PVC because it is hard and not flexible. It is a perfect material for pipework and window frames.

Advantages of uPVC:

Durable: uPVC is a hard material and can cope with extreme elements. The article does not corrode or fade quickly and thus, is perfect for windows. Moreover, the material is fire, pollution, and seawater-resistant.

Good insulator: uPVC is an excellent insulator and hence, uPVC windows prevent the heat from entering during summers and cold from entering in winters.

Affordable and Eco-friendly: uPVC windows are much cheaper than other windows. Moreover, they can be recycled or used again to help you reduce your carbon footprints.

Safety: uPVC windows have a multi-locking system to provide high-level security to homes, as well as commercial establishments.

Since windows have a significant impact on the way a house feels, you must choose the right windows for your home, which not just fill the space of your walls but also ensure durability, safety, and quality and, of course, suit your pocket. Here are the different aspects you should look before choosing uPVC windows manufactured in Srinagar:

Look for quality: It is essential to look for suitable suppliers, who guarantee quality material, as uPVC windows manufacturers in Hyderabad do.

Strength: The strength of the uPVC window is determined by a “multi-chambered uPVC profile,” which is reinforced with galvanized steel. The best uPVC windows manufacturers in Hyderabad maintain a standard width profile that varies between 2.3mm and 3mm and the thickness between 1mm and 3mm.

Guarantee: A presumed uPVC window supplier will give a base guarantee of ten years for the uPVC profile and a year guarantee for the equipment.

Colour, style, and design: Choose the window color, which complements your interior design and gives an appealing look to your home. Apart from color, style and design play an essential role in making the home look beautiful.

Sound resistance: For durable sound protection, you must choose a double or triple coated uPVC window.

Security: An excellent uPVC window should join the quality equipment, alongside a covered bolting framework. Type 304 evaluation treated steel, an alloy, used for making the window material won’t get rusted easily. Introduce a single point lock or a multi-point lock to the window as per the security necessities of the home. Consider a double-coated covered glass window to ensure proper security.
Best price: The price of uPVC windows depends on the design, features, and functions. A right uPVC window is that it offers maximum features at minimum cost.

6 Common Myths About uPvc Windows

UPVC Windows and Doors | Posted on: 2th Feb, 2020

uPVC windows are rapidly increasing in demand due to their sleek, lightweight and versatile design that can complement any traditional or contemporary home. However, many people do not consider uPVC windows for their homes because they have heard many misconceptions or myths about the installation and usage of uPVC profiles.

Since we are highly aware of the benefits of this material for any building or renovation project, we are going to debunk some common misconceptions about uPVC windows.

After reading these misconceptions about uPVC, you will know that these myths are not at all true and one must invest in this excellent material. Without further ado, let us dive into the common myths about uPVC windows.

Myth #1: uPVC windows are of plastic

Many homeowners think that these windows are made from plastic and not strong enough. But the truth is that “U” in uPVC stands for “unplasticized.” The primary chemical found in uPVC windows is salt, NOT any cheap plastic. So, there is no need to worry about these windows containing any plastic element.

Myth #2: uPVC windows are prone to cracking and warping in the sun, especially during summers

Since many homeowners believe that uPVC window doors are made from plastic, they think they are prone to cracking and warping in summer months. Usually, plastic tends to expand on hot sunny days. But when we talk about uPVC windows, they are all-weather windows and can withstand any harsh climatic conditions.   These double glazed windows are created using galvanized iron. So, they would not expand even in the hottest summer months. These windows and doors can retain their shape and size, no matter what are the weather conditions outside.

Myth #3: uPVC windows are bad for the environment

Since uPVC windows contain no plastic, these are not at all harmful to the environment. Instead, it is an eco-friendly material with fantastic insulation properties, resulting in reduced energy bills. Moreover, these windows can easily be recycled after use, leaving no impact on the environment.

Myth #4: uPVC double glazed windows may get condensation

Well, this is not entirely false. For, in winter months, windows are likely to get condensation regardless of the frame and type of material. But in the case of the double glazed uPVC window, there is a trickle vent to let out a small amount of air. It helps in reducing condensation up to zero levels.

The tighter a house is sealed, the more are chances of condensation. But you need not worry about it. You can easily prevent it by opening windows time-to-time or using a dehumidifier. However, uPVC double glazed windows are already integrated with ventilation features to let air flow through for preventing condensation.

Myth #5: uPVC windows are expensive

It is also a big misconception. But the truth is that uPVC windows are quite affordable compared to conventional window frame materials. It is reasonably priced compared to aluminum and timber and falls within the budget of many renovators or homeowners.

Myth #6: Secondary glazing is a better alternative to double glazing

Some homeowners consider secondary glazing to avoid replacement of the entire window frame. Secondary glazing usually means installing any supplementary glazing pane on an existing single glazed window. While secondary glazing may help with insulation, it is prone to noise and condensation. Moreover, it is not as energy-efficient as uPVC windows.

Secondary glazing even needs more maintenance from time to time. However, uPVC windows are low maintenance and also two times energy-efficient compared to secondary glazing.
After separating facts from misconceptions, you get a clear picture and know why uPVC windows are so popular among many homeowners. Would you invest in uPVC windows after knowing the truth or still stick to the misconceptions? Do share your views with us.