Upvc Window Frames And What It Means To Double-glaze Them

uPvc Windows | Posted on: 26thJun 2019

uPVC Window Frame

uPVC window frames are great due to a wide assortment of factors. When accompanied by double glazed windows, they enhance energy efficiency and beauty of homes altogether.

uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, which is a hard and not flexible form of plastic. Possessing a range of beneficial factors, including, but not restricted to, excellent performance, durability, thermal efficiency, sound insulation and very little maintenance, it makes a perfect material for windows. With our high-quality uPVC windows installed in your home, you can rest assured that they will not warp, rust or rot even in the harshest of weather conditions.

uPVC windows already have many benefits, which you can multiply by double glazing them. You certainly must have heard about this term but probably have never considered upgrading your windows this way because you have no clarity regarding the benefits associated.

List of the Prominent Benefits that you can avail by Double Glazing your uPVC Window Frames


  • Insulation

Nobody likes to walk into a cold home in winters and a hot and stuffy home during summers. Therefore, people count on several ways to regulate their home’s temperature, most of which are expensive in nature. A simple and cost-effective alternative to those ways is the installation of quality and double-glazed uPVC windows. This is because the uPVC double-glazing is all about airtight construction that creates thermal insulation.

  • Reduced condensation

Misted windows or condensation is a serious problem that often rots wooden window frames and mould and mildew caused by the same negatively affects the family’s health as well. A perfect solution to this problem is a uPVC sliding window or any type of uPVC window frame with double-glazing. The combination of air between two glass panes and the airtight seal blocks moisture in cold weather to prevent condensation build-up eventually.

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  • Noise reduction

Noise reduction or sound insulation is another benefit of double glazed uPVC windows. They are designed in a way that they create a barrier between your home and the external noises. Not surprisingly, uPVC sliding windows manufacturers are in great demand amongst those living in high traffic areas or places subject to too much external noise interference.

  • Safety

If better home security is your priority, then double glazed uPVC windows are an ideal pick for you. Equipped with double glass pane, these windows are tougher to break. Additionally, the internal beading prevents glass removal from the outside. Therefore, these windows are a perfect choice if you wish to protect yourself and your home from intruders.

  • Variety

Gone are the days when people used to select windows and doors for their homes based on their functionality. However, people today give equal importance to aesthetic appeal and thus, choose windows that compliment both interior and exterior of their home.

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Our uPVC double glazed windows come in a selection of styles and a wide range of colours (grey, white, brown, etc.) and textures. You can easily zero in on the frame types you think suit your home and your pocket in the best ways possible. Additionally, you can choose the window style – casement windows, tilt and turn windows, sliding windows and top hung windows – as per your space requirement.

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