For nearly ten years now we have been producing uPVC profiles extensively with lead-free stabilisers based on ecofriendly calcium and zinc. Since 2004 we have done away completely with lead in the virgin material for all of our brand systems.

We specifically integrate regrind materials in our profiles because our knowhow has shown that these lead to better products. This maintains the efficiency of our draw on resources and testifies to the responsibility we take in our operations. Greenhouse gas emissions caused by the recycling material incorporated in the profile are, at average, lower by about 90% than from traditional plastic window materials.

Sustainability as we understand it is more than just environmental protection. To us it means the attentive handling of the markets’ and our customers’ needs. Accordingly we assign a central role not only to ecology, but also to economic aspects and issues of social relevance.

With our greenline principle we think ahead, create brand values and give our customers excellent opportunities on the market: energy-efficient window systems, lead-free stabilizers in the virgin material and sophisticated recycling schemes carry the added benefit of enhancing sustainability.

Our products fulfil all of the requirements for thermal insulation and the associated energy efficiency. They return a sustainable CO2 balance and a superior price-performance ratio coupled with a long service life. They therefore fulfil and exceed the functional requirements specialised window manufacturers, architects, developers, and end users demand from these sectors.

In addition we as a founding member of a nationwide recycling initiative assure that old uPVC windows are recycled in a self contained cycle.

With the aim of optimising further the value created for windows our engineers are developing the latest product generations with less material, but with improved engineering properties. Intelligent chamber systems and static structural attributes on the one hand serve to minimise the draw on resources, and on the other culminate in extraordinarily competitive products.

KOEMMERLING is a proactive practitioner of the various aspects presented by the global trend towards sustainability.

For ultimately it is our aim to provide our partner companies and their customers with economically and ecologically perfected system solutions that justify the decisions they make in good faith. Good sense and responsibility – with a clear conscience.