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Koemmerling endures to guarantee you homes that distinguish your taste from others. The unbeatable quality of products our channel partners thrive to give as Upvc doors manufacturers in India signifies our affluence with clients. Our well designed and vibrantly coloured uPVC doors help your doorsteps in creating unending impressions. Our channel partners are your one stop solution for coloured doors manufacturer in India and being most trusted uPVC door company we aim to shoulder your responsibility of building classic homes.

Our predominantly skilled channel partners foster needs specific to the clients preference. Based in the country our team is well acquainted with the sudden weather changes of the place. Their benign efforts to ensure that your dream house sparks with unending aesthetics has resulted in making weather proof uPVC doors.

As we endeavour to embrace all you utility expectations our doors can be set up according to your needs and preferences. Abiding by the importance of safety of homes the residential uPVC doors have multi locking system hence catering security. As compared to the conventional wooden doors the contemporary designs of uPVC doors give your doorsteps an appealing appearance.

Being a blend of safety and style uPVC doors are crafted with an aim to cater serene dwelling to our clients. Noise proof uPVC doors make the insides of your house peaceful while the waterproof uPVC doors keep you shielded from monsoon weather chaos. East to operate and fuss-free to maintain, these doors are a better choice over the wooden doors.

With a perception to create your safe haven, we at Koemmerling strive to create masterpieces peculiar to your needs and preferences.

Casement Door

Making a great first impression on your door step, exclusively designed, KOEMMERLING doors are the perfect way to add charm and character to your home.

Doors keep your home wonderfully warm and quiet. Plus, you’ll find that our doors are virtually maintenance-free, meaning you can enjoy them with little fuss for years to come.

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Lift & Slide UPVC Doors

The stand-out convenience feature of our Patio “Lift & Slide” door is the extremely simple movement of large and heavy doors. The space-saving opening of balcony doors with Lift & Slide sashes permits optimum use of space, as no sashes project into the room. Thanks to the generous door dimensions, plenty of light can enter the room which, together with the refined design…

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UPVC Slide & Fold Doors

All door frames can be folded to save space and pushed to the side over a total width of upto 6 mt. Fold and Slide doors offer generous and barrier free access to terraces, conservatories, conference rooms, wherever needed. Being equally suited to use as room dividers in hotels and catering establishments, Fold and Slide doors are also being increasingly used in homes. Besides helping to prevent break-ins, the concealed screw fixing of the frame hinges on the Fold and Slide doors also enhances the overall appearance elegantly. These doors come with Inward or outward opening options.

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UPVC Sliding Doors

In Sliding doors two or more frames slide horizontally on tracks to the left or the right.

The doors are slightly raised above the track for smooth slide and also preventing dust from settling down in the track. Sliding doors are ideal for homes that require space-economy. Sliding doors are affordable option to bring more light into your home, as these cost effective doors can support large spans of glass and have a relatively slim vertical profile. This allows you to maximise the amount of light that can enter your home, showcasing the space to best effect.

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